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  1. Seriously such a tough decision, but it looks like I'll be at Duke Sanford for the MPP program! Good luck to everyone! I'd also love to connect with any other incoming Sanford students!
  2. I haven't decided yet so this is very helpful, thank you!
  3. What did you like in particular about Duke? Trying to decide between Sanford, Harris, and LBJ, but unfortunately I wasn't able to attend any Admitted Student Days.
  4. An update from my previous post (including updated offers). If anyone has any insight on this, I would really appreciate hearing it! Coming from: Bay Area, California; but I am currently doing a Fulbright overseas until July. I have about 2 years of nonprofit internship experience + Fulbright. I plan to study Social Policy, specifically education and welfare policy. I hope to work in nonprofits/public sector or research think tank after graduation. Deciding Between: Duke (Sanford), MPP - $32k + $4k assistantship [COA: $36k/year] U Chicago (Harris), MPP - $30k (updated) [
  5. Honestly, I think it was the better funding offers from Heinz and Trachtenberg that helped. But maybe it would also help to create a worksheet that outlined COA for each school, and, assuming it's cheaper overall to attend another school, you could use that for leverage. I'm also looking to appeal for more funding from Duke, but I'm not too sure how to approach it since it's by far my best offer. If anyone has any tips, I'd appreciate hearing it!
  6. @ke7312 Thanks for your response! I think you're right about this. I also pretty much applied because I wanted a DC option. Interestingly enough, when I applied the first time last cycle, I visited GWU, American, and SAIS as an admitted student and didn't really like the atmosphere of any of them. It either means I didn't like the programs, or DC, or both--I still haven't figured out which! I'm definitely attracted to both Heinz and Harris because they are both quant and policy-focused. Like you, I am indeed interested in public sector/nonprofit work/think tank research. While I
  7. Thank you for your response @cactus_taco! I actually deferred my Harris app last year, so I had an earlier deadline this cycle to update my application for scholarship reconsideration. Therefore, I have technically already been considered for more funding (though prior to Duke's offer) and was given $5k more ($20k to $25k). I was told by Admissions that they generally don't allow a second reconsideration, but that they would pass this new offer along and see what they can do. (Fingers crossed!) I also asked for 10k more, but they seemed doubtful that they could increase it by that much.
  8. I also hope we can get this thread going! I've been completely in my head these last few weeks trying to decide which school to choose, and I even wonder if I should choose one at all. The amount of loans I expect to take out, even with some funding, just boggles my mind. If anyone has an opinion about this, I would appreciate hearing it. Coming from: Bay Area, California; but I am currently doing a Fulbright overseas until July. I plan to study Social Policy, specifically education and welfare policy. I hope to work in nonprofits/public sector or research think tank after graduation.
  9. According to their 'Financial Aid Policies and Procedures Manual': "Pre-Award Appeals: Because we have limited scholarship funds available at the school, appeals of the scholarship award decisions are not applicable. If you feel you would not be able to join our program due to financial constraints you may send a letter explaining the situation to the Director of Graduate Studies, the Director of Admissions and Scholarships, and the Assistant Dean of Academic Programs and Student Affairs for consideration. Triggers for appeals typically involve involuntary loss of employment by the student
  10. Very cool! I'll have to ask around to see if there are similar opportunities in Taiwan. (And U of I as in Iowa? Just curious because I'm from Iowa lol.)
  11. Just posted this in another thread, but I am wondering if anyone knows whether Heinz or Harris's deferrals are binding or not. I will likely re-apply next year to both, but if they are non-binding deferrals (like GWU Trachtenberg) then it may be less work for me to defer than re-apply.
  12. I just received clarification from GWU Trachtenberg about their deferral process. Apparently theirs is non-binding with no deposit fee. I also do not have to pay an additional application fee next year. (I only have to re-submit my recs.) Which is great as it is less work for me! I believe I will have to reapply for the other schools though.
  13. Thank you! I'm quite excited about it. What sort of extracurricular activities did you and your cohort participate in? I would consider volunteering, but I am also interested in something more academically enriching.
  14. Thank you for your responses! After talking to each school about deferral vs. reapplying, they all have said that funding is not guaranteed either way, and that it depends on the pool of funds for the respective year as well as the incoming applicant cohort. Though GWU and Heinz did hint that they have never reduced a prospective student's funding offer in cases of deferral. I'm sort of (blindly) hoping that this is the same with reapplying. Either way, perhaps I can negotiate for at least the same amount of funding next year. After visiting each school (except Harris), I believe my plan
  15. Hi everyone, I am currently in a rut thinking about my options for the Fall (as I am sure many of you are). If anyone has any advice regarding this, I would really appreciate hearing it. I have been accepted to these schools and programs, with the following financial aid funding per year: - CMU Heinz, MSPPM (50%, ~$24k) - Chicago Harris, MPP ($20k) - Johns Hopkins SAIS, MA IDEV (no funding) - GWU Trachtenberg, MPA ($20k) -American SPA, MPA ($10k) I have also been accepted for a Taiwan Fulbright ETA for the next year, so I am leaning toward either deferring a
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