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  1. I really want to do as much quant work as possible in positions like Analyst or Consultant. I'm an international student who hope to work in the U.S. for 1-3 years after graduation, if possible, I guess location is kind of important when it comes to internship and job opportunities. I feel courses at Heinz are really practical, which can be desirable in the eye of the employers. However, the prestige U of C may has potential benefit for finding a job internationally.
  2. 20% scholarship from Heinz and nothing from Harris
  3. Hey guys, I am deciding between Heinz and Harris (both regular track). I have social science background with some quantitative experience, and I am really looking forward to learn more analytical skills that are applicable in both public and private sectors. I've learned that Harris and Heinz are the most quantitative programs, but looking at the courses and curriculum, I can't really tell which one is more quant. Any advice? Thanks! Here are some useful links: Harris courses: https://harris.uchicago.edu/academics/programs-degrees/courses (require taking at least 12 cours
  4. For those who are admitted, anyone applied by Feb 16 and applied for MSPP program? Worried.
  5. Me, haven't received messages.
  6. Hi, I am applying for DA track this year. But I'm not sure if my background is competitive enough for it. I'm an urban planning major with certain quantitative experience. do most Data Analytics students come from math/statistics/computer science backgrounds?
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