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  1. I did not! The day I got waitlisted, I emailed the person I had talked to the whole time, a counselor I met at Idealist and a Boston event! She said I could submit new letters of recommendation, and since I was about to be in the process of taking microeconomics, I could send my updated scores and information from the course. Edit: she also said I could retake the GRE and submit if I felt compelled.
  2. @kayemeh I think they start re-reviewing after the April deadline based on new materials you sent in or based on the same profile. She was telling me it would be in a month or two when I asked beginning of March. I think all of those factors plus people beginning to turn down and accept offers mid-April to now is a good guess for now until any time May about anything. I think one person got in off that I've talked to because that person sent in new microeconomics scores!
  3. I had a low quant score (148), and was accepted into Heinz, a quant heavy program, which is the one I’ll be attending. However, my other parts of my application were very strong. If you don’t want to take the GRE again, you can always take stats or calc online through UCLA Extension or a community college. As long as you’re willing to show that you’re up for quant work, you should be good.
  4. I feel like a current student can answer this better, but from my experiences with friends in a variety of CMU undergrad and grad programs, it's mostly for undergrads. Friends in PhD programs don't seem to stretch themselves out due to CMU culture. At the same time, all the students I met this weekend had their hands in so many jars, and I felt the need to commit to some organizations quickly as a result of the weekend as well. They really pushed involvement outside of the classroom in sessions.
  5. Is anyone going to the class and discussion in DC Monday? Seems odd to have an event the week of admitted student weekend, but I’ll probably go.
  6. Pittsburgh is also becoming a hub for tech companies like Google and IBM, who are trying to recruit CMU talent (there is literally a shuttle bus to Google headquarters from Carnegie Mellon and back). There's also a good number of consulting firms with offices in Pittsburgh, and I think roughly 60% of Heinz grads go for-profit or consulting, but more specific numbers are available on the site!
  7. When you submit your acceptance, you can defer for 12 months. It popped up on my acceptance letter as an option! There's specific guidelines about it on the admission response form.
  8. I think your big issue is going to come with your credentials verification and not completing your term of service, thus an issue with your resume and creds. I understand not wanting to lose Segal, it’s something I am heavily relying on for CMU. I think if you’re upfront with Heinz, it should be okay? But, it’s hard to tell what will happen with your SPS. If I were you, I’d reach out to admissions and discuss your predicament, with a backup plan for scholarship. I think being an Americorps participant should hold its same weight, even without completing the term of service.
  9. Interestingly large jump for a young Batten program out of UVA from 42 to 29. La Follette fell about eight spots, which is also interesting. The top ten (minus La Follette from a top ten spot to #15, so who jumped into the top ten?) seem to always be the top ten, but in different rankings throughout. I'm still sticking with Heinz (not like I have much of a choice due to my limited options).
  10. AddSmith

    Pittsburgh, PA

    CMU has a pretty all-encompassing list that includes JL Land and Sterling as two top companies! My friends in Pittsburgh use Walnut Creek and love them, as well.
  11. Have you thought about the overnight train? It’s easier to sleep on. It’s called the Vermonter, and it leaves NYC pretty late. The NYC Megabus stop is the worst place in the world and unreachable by subway, so you would need to take a cab there from Columbia, which would really make your leave time ~9:30-10 p.m. Whereas, you can easily hop on the A, C, etc. to get to Penn Station from Columbia and be there in about 30 minutes. Both options will get you to Union Station, which is centrally located in DC, so you could easily get to a hotel, friend’s place, etc.
  12. This is from a blast email from admissions: "Regardless of work study eligibility, students can earn $5,000 in a variety of on-campus positions including office assistants and research assistantships (RA) during their first year in the program. In addition, Career Services and the Office of Financial Aid can assist interested students in identifying off-campus employment opportunities with similar earning potential for year 1 and in year 2."
  13. I asked this question when I was emailed by a professor welcoming me to Heinz! He said there are limited opportunities, and the more open you are with the person in charge of the institute/center about your willingness to help the more it'll help you! He said to start reaching out closer to the school year to see what's available! He says they're mostly for second years, so even if it doesn't work out in year one, you can pursue it later in the program!
  14. @lackey, you're still killing it! Look at all the places you got into straight out of undergrad! You'll do great no matter where you end up.
  15. It looks like another person was admitted today! This seems promising for y'all, hope it's all good news!
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