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  1. So obviously some of this will depend on what programs you decide to apply to, but it sounds like you have a good background and reason for wanting to go to grad school. It will probably be good to focus on those that have strong connections for careers in public service. Probably the best thing you have going for you is your "logical path" for how what you've been doing will take you where you want to go, and the more you can demonstrate how the programs you apply to will help you achieve your career goals (SPECIFIC career goals, you can't just say foreign service and policy work but what kin
  2. I think the best way to find the answer to this question would be to look back through the results threads on this forum. People usually post their years out of undergrad and where they were accepted. Some that come to mind as taking applicants without real work experience would be Harris, Sanford, SIPA, Wagner, Heinz, and Georgetown. I'm sure there are others-- in fact I know of someone who was accepted to WWS straight from undergrad but I would say that is against the norm. The issue of course is whether funding is important to you at all. Based on threads here, it seems the students without
  3. I agree that it's likely impossible to switch-- the grants are just so different. I know in my placement country there are specific grants at specific universities for a specific number of researchers and then for ETAs there are a number of schools that provide funding to receive their own, so it's not as if the funding is available to be moved around. Other countries I know of have something similar (except sometimes the ETAs are funded by a government agency, but again, unrelated to university research placements). Furthermore, the amount of preparation that researchers put into their
  4. It sounds like you are already leaning heavily towards Heinz and based on your interests it does seem like a good fit. You might want to take a look at each school's employment outcomes and determine who found roles like the one you want. Here is the data from Heinz, with a link to the DA track 2016 graduate career outcomes near the bottom. It's a really small cohort, but you can see that one person in that group is now working in New York as a regional planner in transportation which sounds awfully similar to your own interests. If you really enjoy working with data and have some background i
  5. It might be worthwhile to try to figure out the quant requirements for each school. I say this primarily because I see CMU on your list, and they made passing stats with "at least a B" a condition of my acceptance. For some of the schools taking stats (or a more difficult quant course) might simply demonstrate how serious you are about returning to grad school, while for others it might be a requirement for enrollment. You just need to read up on these schools and their "eligibility" requirements to see if you need it. Naturally it wouldn't hurt to take a course, but since they're pretty expen
  6. I kind of disagree, and think they're more likely to have new resources than before as people should have heard from schools by now and might have turned down their own funding offers. I know I just turned down $10,000 this week, and that's not to say that they will necessarily turn around and give it away immediately (they may have been over-extended as is) but the worst they can say is no. It's still a negotiation-- you asked for something, they offered something else, you're trying to find that sweet spot in the middle that works for both of you. In this case it seems that the best app
  7. I found this forum so immensely helpful during my application process (including someone's keen eye noticing one school's unusual resume structure roughly 24 hours before the due date), so I hope something I share can help future applicants like others have helped me Program Applied To: (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.) MSPPM, MPA, MSCAPP Schools Applied To: Carnegie Mellon Heinz (MSPPM-DA), UChicago Harris (MSCAPP), and Princeton WWS (MPA) Schools Admitted To: Harris ($), Heinz ($$), and WWS ($$$$) Schools Rejected From: None Still Waiting: None Undergraduate institution: Huge State
  8. Thanks everyone! And lol with the interesting questions-- my name is indeed before O and there has been no change to my portal.
  9. Got my YES! email while sitting in the "silent" car of the train and definitely broke that rule in my freak-out moment. Excited to see who else here gets in as I feel like we've all been through this incredibly arduous process together for so long now. Good luck to everyone!!
  10. Same-- but since both of my results so far have come when I wake up in the morning (one came at 3:00 am and one at 11:30 pm), first thing in the a.m. is basically the best time to check!
  11. I'm also trying to decide between CMU's DA track and the CAPP program and am leaning towards CMU at the moment (although I won't have the opportunity to visit either which makes the decision rather difficult). I have spoken to students in both programs who confirm that both are extremely rigorous and I don't doubt I would be happy at either. I've come to preference CMU due to their scholarship offer (roughly 4X what Chicago offered) and the fact that CMU has some focus on the management side of things (which I would like) that I think Chicago doesn't. I've been pretty meticulously looking at t
  12. Has anyone been following this story? Or think it will have any impact on Harris course offerings in the next couple of years? It seems like several of the global development classes would be negatively affected if this lawsuit holds any weight. Also interesting to see this isn't the first time the Pearson foundation has sued a university for not managing the money exactly as it would have liked. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-met-university-of-chicago-donation-lawsuit-20180305-story.html
  13. Not if they're out with school closures! Did I read that they're expecting over a foot of snow?
  14. hmmm I was not asked to participate in the QSSP but I was told that I need to take a stats class. I wonder what the difference is. Definitely regretting not taking stats in undergrad and just one more (little) thing to factor into the cost of attendance!
  15. What great news to wake up to! Accepted to the data analytics track with scholarship. Congrats to everyone else as well
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