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  1. I sense that Berkeley is a much better fit for your academic and career interests. If you're in social justice spaces, the Berkeley name is as good as an Ivy.
  2. @ILAR How much professional experience do you have? The more years out from undergrad, the less (I think) the GRE matters.
  3. @pubpol123 That's great! A good bump up.
  4. Congrats and congrats on the SIPA funding! Hope even more comes your way!
  5. I always thought Harris was the most quant, but I never researched Heinz's program as much. Harris does seem VERY supportive of people who lack a firm quant background but are down to dig in and gain the skills. It seems like a tough but very supportive environment. To me, that's the best combo.
  6. Updated with decisions!!! Program Applied To: (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.): MPP/MPA Schools Applied To: Princeton WWS, Chicago Harris, NYU Wagner, CMU Heinz, USC Price, Berkeley GSPP Schools Admitted To (funding in parentheses): All ?? Princeton WWS (full funding, stipend), Chicago Harris ($$), NYU Wagner (zero), CMU Heinz ($$), USC Price (full funding), Berkeley GSPP (zero) Schools Rejected From: None Decision: Princeton WWS for the MPA Still Waiting: None Undergraduate institution: Top 5 public Undergraduate GPA: 3.6 Last 60 hours of Undergraduate GPA (if applicable): I would guess that
  7. One thought: I think it’s still pretty early for people to decline Harris (and other schools). For instance, I’m waiting to decline Harris until after I visit Princeton early next month. I imagine more $$ will be opening up as some people decline for various reasons. That won’t happen until closer to the deadline.
  8. Same here. Accepted but waiting for the third email with the IT stuff.
  9. Accepted with the "YES!" I'm so, so excited. Hoping everyone gets good news today!
  10. Oh yes, that's what I was thinking. We're not going to be penalized. Seems that we had about the same schedule. I think they must just be doing them in installments and that we missed the first installment.
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