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  1. Thank you all, this is some great advice. I've been wavering between all these options. Whether to check out an econ course such as econometrics or bite the bullet, not spend the money and see where my application as a whole takes me without the additional course. I appreciate all of you responses!
  2. Hi All…I’m a long time reader yet reluctant writer with a question. As the 2018 cycle comes to an end (congrats to all by the way) I have ramped up my own preparations for the fall of 2019. My question resides in whether you all think it necessary I take a statistics course to boost my chances? Whether it will be a lost cause regardless or prove needless. I’m currently serving in the Peace Corps as an English teacher and teacher trainer at an Islamic middle school in Indonesia (I’m proficient in Bahasa Indonesia). I’ve begun to write my SOP’s/reach out to potential recommenders. It’s earl
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