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  1. HKS 2018

    This is great. Which means all the cards will be on the table by March 15, if there are any cards to be tabled of course
  2. Graduate Institute Fall 2018

    Applied for MDev. 2 months wait for the results just started!
  3. HKS 2018

    That’s true! But I guess it’s a long, boring wait for all of us!
  4. HKS 2018

    Lol. But the admissions blog is really active. HKS seems to be the only one giving such detailed information regarding the process. One observation: the financial aid deadline last year was Feb 24th. It has been advanced to jan 24th this year. Does that mean that the financial aid decision will come with the admissions decision rather than in early April like last year?
  5. SIPA Early Application Thread

    That’s very clear. Thanks again. I am a career civil servant who wants to go back to India after graduation. So, Finance is a major area of concern.
  6. SIPA Early Application Thread

    Thanks for the very detailed reply. So, how much does the entire course cost you? And how difficult is it to get a TA/RA during the course?
  7. SIPA Early Application Thread

    Hi. I think I will put my questions in points: 1. How is the academic atmosphere. How good are the classes and how hectic is the schedule? 2. Living costs. Do you get student accommodation given by the university or is it very limited. How much should you pay for a couple room nearby? 3. How much does a international student loan with a good co-signer cost?
  8. WWS 2018

    Guys. We don’t have a dedicated thread for WWS this year. There are 2 threads that had raised specific queues which are being used for general discussion. Hence starting this...
  9. Princeton WWS App Q's

    I got the mail immediately when I submitted. Now that the wait for the results have started, why don’t we start a general purpose thread?
  10. Princeton WWS App Q's

    Regarding the results date. When the application was submitted, I received a confirmation mail saying that admissions results will posted on a rolling basis from Feb 1 to March 15. But, checking the forums, in previous years, all results had been released on the same day: March 9-13. So, is there a difference in the way they are gonna release this year or this is just their standard response? Any clues?
  11. Advice needed - leaving job for funded MPA

    I don’t have the details to answer your question but have unrelated query. can you share which scholarship it was?
  12. Harris 2018

    In with 10K. Scholarship letter is attached in the documents.
  13. Harris 2018

    Over the weekend! But I guess all offices close down today evening, isn’t it?
  14. Harris 2018

    Thanks for the update Ellen!
  15. Harris 2018

    If they had started calling admits, that means the list is ready. Columbia posted their results during office hours yesterday. Hope Harris also does the same!