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  1. Seems they have decided to accept applications for Fall 21 now. Someone from admissions mailed me. The link in the application page is still not active. They said they will update soon.
  2. Brown just mailed that they are not accepting applications for Fall 21. I had mailed them asking why the apply link is not active.
  3. So 83k per year? And how do they disburse it? The first credit towards tuition and the rest as stipend?
  4. There are usually 2-3 fellowships that match ones profile. You can apply to all those. The portals for financial aid opens after you submit your application. i am just curious to know the conditions of CPL fellowship. Does it give full tuition plus stipend?
  5. The mail came a week back!
  6. Hey guys. Just updating. HKS offered me Public Service Fellowship (100,000. I guess it takes care of tuition). The mail came out of the blue. But declined in favour of WWS. They replied saying it will be offered to someone else. Maybe someone has already got a mail in that regard!
  7. Program Applied To: MPA/MPP Schools Applied To: WWS, HKS, SIPA, Harris, Graduate Institute and LKY Schools Admitted To: WWS(full ride), HKS (Full tuition), SIPA($80,000), Harris ($20,000) and LKY (external funding) Schools Rejected From: Graduate Institute Still Waiting: none Undergraduate institution: International student. Reputed engineeirng college Undergraduate GPA: 3.4 Last 60 hours of Undergraduate GPA (if applicable): Undergraduate Major: Electronics and Communication GRE Quantitative Score: 169 GRE Verbal Score: 165 GRE AW Score: 5.0 Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable):
  8. All the best!
  9. I am sorry I don’t have specific inputs about the program. It’s better to talk to people who have graduated from any of the above insitutes.
  10. Turned down for WWS.
  11. Yes. There is a personal note which makes you fee really good?
  12. I think the core difference is that tuition credit will be directly credited to your tuition bill and hence will not be taxable. While the other option is that you will get the amount in your account as salary and will be taxable.
  13. Thanks bro. Accepted WWS. Also got into HKS, SIPA and uChicago. LKY was more of the fail safe option...
  14. I have to choose between WWS and HKS with zero funding. That’s a no brainer! just to know, CPL gives a stipend also?
  15. No funding! Made the choice of Princeton easy!?
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