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  1. Hey @Tk2356, I think a question like that came about during the talk and the answer was that you can, with careful planning. I believe there's a math course you can take during the summer to brush up on your quant skills and the specialization director specified that Calc II is a prerequisite for a lot of the AEA (whatever the acronym is) courses. I would definitely speak with the specialization director about this--try to contact her over the summer to perhaps start planning early. I bet she gets lots of questions like this--I noticed a lot of similar questions throughout the day around
  2. HI @Tk2356, I went for ASD as well, and loved it too! My sense of SIPA is that it is a large school, but everyone there is extremely driven, energetic, and involved. I felt that the admitted students were all excited to be there and ready to start building relationships. I sat in on the EPD concentration since I'm interested in International Development. The faculty's interest in supporting their students and connecting them to internship and job opportunities really shone through, particularly with regards to their connections with the UN. I really liked the year-long capstone and the fa
  3. Hey @PHL City Planner, I believe HKS does not do rolling admissions or early decision. I was really referring more to applying early to SIPA, SAIS and Chicago.
  4. Schools Applied To: SAIS IDEV, SIPA, Chicago-MSCAPP, HKS Schools Admitted to: SAIS (75% funding, no IDEV), SIPA (85% funding), Chicago-MSCAPP (no funding) Schools Rejected From: HKS Undergraduate institution: Top 20 US University Undergraduate GPA: 3.9 Undergraduate Major: Economics GRE Quantitative Score: 163 GRE Verbal Score: 165 GRE AW Score: 5.5 Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 7 Years of Work Experience: 7 Describe Relevant Work Experience: Currently work in the private sector in big data and product management. On the side,
  5. Thanks for the tips everyone! I got the $50 Amtrak ticket. Looking forward to meeting everyone else!
  6. Hi all, I was accepted into SIPA and SAIS and am planning on attending both admitted students' days. I was hoping I could get some feedback from NYC/DC folks on a logistics question. SIPA's admitted students' day is April 10th (in NYC) and SAIS is April 11th (in DC). How would you recommend I get to both with the least amount of stress/maximum amount of sleep? SIPA has an evening reception scheduled to end at 8:30pm, and my friend in NYC recommends I take the Megabus down to DC, which works out to (best case scenario) me reaching DC at 12:30am. And SAIS's programme starts at 8:30am
  7. Just checked with the financial aid office and they confirmed that the funding is extended to the second year pending full-time status and 3.4 GPA. Wondering why they wouldn't include that in the funding letter; that could affect someone's decision to accept.
  8. @Policy.Planner.NYC, this might be a late response but I was speaking to an admissions person from the MSCAPP programme (where I applied) and mentioned that I received substantial scholarship offers from other schools. He said that it would only be beneficial if I used those offers to negotiate for funding (I did not get any funding from Chicago). This may only be specific to the MSCAPP programme at Harris, but wanted to share in case others were wondering. He did say, though, that it would be unlikely that I would get anything more than half tuition even if I did negotiate.
  9. Thanks, @StyLeD--I'll reach out to people on LinkedIn then.
  10. HI @StyLeD, Thanks for the very detailed and helpful information! Hope you don't mind that I have a few questions to add: 1. Did you participate in any of the tech and policy activities in SIPA, or have you heard anything about them? I'm a product manager for big data tools and am hoping to leverage these skills in international development. SIPA's programme is attractive to me because of its focus on tech, big data, and innovation. I'd love to learn more about that from your perspective, or from one of your cohort. 2. My concentration (as of now) is Urban and Social Policy. How
  11. Mine was "how has the unstable global climate affected you"? I didn't realise the video was going to start IMMEDIATELY after my 60-sec preparation (despite reading the instructions and practicing!) so they caught me saying, "oh! It's started!" and laughing kinda awkwardly.
  12. Hi @Revolutionary, Glad that I could be of assistance! I think @serenitynow's advice on a pay cut is important. You have to be prepared for that as someone interested in public policy. The fact that you're getting a full ride and living stipend does help with that since that minimizes the risk you're undertaking, but she's also right that it will be difficult to find a job and internships as an international student (federal agencies are not good options since they will most likely require US citizenship or at least a green card). I think the best thing you can do is be prepared for
  13. Hi Revolutionary, I understand your desire to work in the US as I experienced something similar when I decided to study in the US for college. I became interested in policy/development during college but ended up taking a private sector job on an H1-B visa. The visa situation definitely impacted my decision, and I could not see many non-profits being willing to sponsor a visa for someone like me straight out of undergrad. But there may be options for you given that you will have a graduate degree and have Cornell's connections. I'm not entirely sure of Cornell's specific connections to em
  14. Thanks, @aaprabhakar! I'm an international student, went to a top 20 US university. High GPA and relevant honors thesis, GRE 165V 163Q. 6 years private sector experience in the US doing big data analytics and product management. Volunteer experience with refugees. I hope to leverage big data analytics and ICT for forced displacement issues. Feel free to message me if you have additional questions!
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