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  1. HKS 2018

    No funding. Is there reallllly no room for negotiation?
  2. HKS 2018

    And do they ever deny them / why?
  3. HKS 2018

    Haha I guess I was too excited to actually read the thing. Thanks
  4. HKS 2018

    Oh so we don't know yet??
  5. HKS 2018

    I'm sure I didn't get any funding, but do you know where we would see it if we did get some?
  6. HKS 2018

    What the crap I'm in!! I can see it now: "How wittgensteinsbladder abandoned America"
  7. HKS 2018

    Did they find HKS to be worth it?
  8. HKS 2018

    Hm I'm still able to get in
  9. SIPA MPA 2018

    Is there any sort of documentation that discusses this? I listened to the finaid webinar and don't remember this.
  10. SIPA MPA 2018

    Do any of you know if there's still room for funding negotiation (I have other funding offers in hand), or if that ship has already sailed? I'm watching the financial aid webinar right now, and haven't seen anything yet.
  11. SIPA MPA 2018

    In! Don't see anything about funding either. Did it mention funding on the acceptance letter for the rest of you?
  12. HKS 2018

    big if true. edit: this is a joke I am making a joke.
  13. HKS 2018

    Initials M S?
  14. HKS 2018

    It shows under “Your Messages”
  15. HKS 2018

    Different initials for me as well @brown queer