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  1. @ratatatis an amazing duo and I'm from the Pacific Northwest so I thought I'd try to answer this! The Evans School is a 30-minute drive from my house. I would really look into the GSI/GSR and tuition remission policies at UW, because that can end up covering the entire cost of your entire degree. I think Berkeley is the best about this, but it looks like Washington does something similar. The question would be how difficult these grad TA/RA positions are to get, because I know at Michigan it's unfortunately not that easy. If it looks like they're pretty much equal on that front, an
  2. @tiaki I’ve essentially decided on Nicholas too! Glad we’ll be in the program together I was pretty undecided about whether to attend grad school this year, but the NSOE info sessions and website were really useful. I’m interested in geospatial analysis and data visualization, and I feel like Duke’s the best place to go for that. There are also opportunities to get involved with well-organized student working groups, project teams, and research centers that aren’t as present at other schools. I’ve talked to a couple of current students and some people familiar but unaffiliated with
  3. amazing, congratulations @herewegoah!! SPIA is certainly tough to pass up
  4. @tiaki, those are really great points! I felt like it was more about Yale making up for deficiencies in their environmental program (their lack of focus being a big part) by overhauling their entire curriculum, than strengthening anything in particular, to be honest. This post by a current student kind of sums up the issues they were dealing with. And it's hard to gauge YSE's success with this revamp, given that their first "new" cohort graduated right into the pandemic, but I like the direction they're headed—it's hard to explain! (I'll also be applying to 4-5 more schools, I realize I didn't
  5. @pabloworldwideThinking of doing the same! I don't think a deferral is binding, but I'll probably just submit a new application instead of sticking with one that'll be two years old by the time I matriculate. I'd feel far less guilty that way if I did end up going somewhere else haha. I expanded the number of schools I applied to from one last year to several this time (not in a huge rush) but YSE wasn't one of them for the reasons @EscapingBrexitmentioned above. I think their recently updated curriculum and restructuring is impressive, though. I also like SOM a lot more than Fuqua—consi
  6. Hey! Since there have been similar threads for the past several years, and I didn't see one up yet, I thought I'd make this year's iteration Where is everyone applying to or waiting to hear back from?
  7. It looks like Duke NSOE is offering Fall 2020 completely online for those who want or need it! Anyone else still undecided?
  8. Right?! Will they email us if decisions come out or are we supposed to check the status page ourselves? Are things taking longer because more folks applied this year or are they trying to standardize the decision timeline? Will funding information be included alongside (if we were to get in) or will that be sent separately? I have too many questions and no answers hahah
  9. It is such a big change! On a personal note, I discovered the whole world of Environmental Management through F&ES when I was a senior in high school and frantically trying to discover career paths that weren't premed or engineering (I went to a high school like Stuyvesant where the parents were just as intense as the students, sigh). Stumbling across the Yale site on a blustery March afternoon and seeing the alternatives available changed the way I saw everything -- I feel like I owe the school a lot just for that. Hooray to the new Yale School of the Environment! Best wishes to all
  10. Alright, here I go! Program Applied To (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.): Duke University - Nicholas School of the Environment (MEM) Schools Applied To: Just Duke this year! Schools Admitted To: n/a Schools Rejected From: n/a Still Waiting: Duke University Undergraduate Institution: Ivy League Undergraduate GPA: 3.6 Undergraduate Major: Environmental Science GRE Quantitative/Verbal/AW Scores: 155 (hoping to retake but math's never been my strong suit) / 166 / 5.0 Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 1.5 years Years of Work Experience: 1.5 years Describe Relevant Work Experience: I've
  11. @alaqua Ah, I'm not applying to SEAS this cycle (I definitely considered it!) but I would've gone for Environmental Policy and Planning, although Conservation Ecology would've been a close second. In that same vein, I'm applying for the Environmental Economics and Policy concentration at NSOE but hoping to take many electives in Ecosystem Science and Conservation. Another day closer to hearing back!
  12. Mid-February also. I applied by the priority deadline and completely put this out of my mind for a few months, but now that decisions are imminent I'm really thinking about it!
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