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  1. I just received a rejection. Did any international student get in this year?
  2. Has anyone received word back from IRES for this year's admissions (for admission into Fall 2020)?
  3. Hey Lampsuns, can I please get in touch with you to get some more information on this? I really want to get into IRES next year and it would be a great help to me if you could connect with me and answer some of my questions!
  4. But it's April! Still no decision??!! Did they say anything at all? Also can we apply for both the masters and the phd program in the same cycle or would that seem like a red flag to them?
  5. Can anyone who got into UBC IRES (either master's or phd) please help me out? would really appreciate it
  6. ^Yes I would appreciate it too. Also, those who got in; can you please let us know on this thread?
  7. How much is CMU's program cost and how much aid do they give?
  8. I've heard they're quant-focused so my advice would be to apply to other policy programs. If you have a good CGPA/good grades in quant coureses you could make it though, since you are an econ major
  9. Hi Damis, I'm not sure what my prospects would be in the MNC if I do return buy yeah that's worth looking into. I completely agree with you regarding following passion but taking calculated risks and I truly believe that "when you're actually passionate about something, opportunity will usually create itself". And thanks for the motivation! I do hope to use the opportunity to shine!
  10. Princeton WWS Blog on LoR's; "Don’t chase references with lofty titles because you think their position is impressive to us … we don’t care. We want to see sincere letters from faculty, administrators and professionals with whom you’ve worked and who know you."
  11. That's a fair point, and it makes sense. I'm leaning towards going because even at that stage getting into Wilson or into HKS on a full ride is not guaranteed, but I see what you're saying and in the ideal scenario, I would be going with more work exp
  12. Hello Exponential Decay, thanks for remembering me, I remember you as well, your advice was instrumental in the thought process that led me to my decision. And it did work out really well, because I ended up getting more diverse experience, actual savings, and the full scholarship. I am leaning towards going now because honestly I can't plan my future to such minute detail. I'm more like - let's just go and experience it and see what happens. The external award btw will make me go on a J1 visa to the US and I can't stay there after graduating, so the work visa thing is redundant now
  13. Hey, thanks for the response and advice! Yes, consulting Cornell's admissions office is certainly the sensible thing to do. I'll be sure to do so, thanks mate!
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