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  1. I just received a rejection. Did any international student get in this year?
  2. Has anyone received word back from IRES for this year's admissions (for admission into Fall 2020)?
  3. Hey Lampsuns, can I please get in touch with you to get some more information on this? I really want to get into IRES next year and it would be a great help to me if you could connect with me and answer some of my questions!
  4. But it's April! Still no decision??!! Did they say anything at all? Also can we apply for both the masters and the phd program in the same cycle or would that seem like a red flag to them?
  5. Can anyone who got into UBC IRES (either master's or phd) please help me out? would really appreciate it
  6. ^Yes I would appreciate it too. Also, those who got in; can you please let us know on this thread?
  7. How much is CMU's program cost and how much aid do they give?
  8. I've heard they're quant-focused so my advice would be to apply to other policy programs. If you have a good CGPA/good grades in quant coureses you could make it though, since you are an econ major
  9. Hi Damis, I'm not sure what my prospects would be in the MNC if I do return buy yeah that's worth looking into. I completely agree with you regarding following passion but taking calculated risks and I truly believe that "when you're actually passionate about something, opportunity will usually create itself". And thanks for the motivation! I do hope to use the opportunity to shine!
  10. Princeton WWS Blog on LoR's; "Don’t chase references with lofty titles because you think their position is impressive to us … we don’t care. We want to see sincere letters from faculty, administrators and professionals with whom you’ve worked and who know you."
  11. That's a fair point, and it makes sense. I'm leaning towards going because even at that stage getting into Wilson or into HKS on a full ride is not guaranteed, but I see what you're saying and in the ideal scenario, I would be going with more work exp
  12. Hello Exponential Decay, thanks for remembering me, I remember you as well, your advice was instrumental in the thought process that led me to my decision. And it did work out really well, because I ended up getting more diverse experience, actual savings, and the full scholarship. I am leaning towards going now because honestly I can't plan my future to such minute detail. I'm more like - let's just go and experience it and see what happens. The external award btw will make me go on a J1 visa to the US and I can't stay there after graduating, so the work visa thing is redundant now - I am not going to stay in the US anyway. Instead, I look towards Canada and Europe (I feel Cornell has a good brand name in most Canadian schools btw, seeing the profiles of faculty teaching at the top schools there). That was very insightful information regarding the lack of promotional mobility in IO's but man 5 years are just too much. I have applied to HKS and WWS separately btw, although I'm not too hopeful of getting into WWS and if I get into HKS, of being able to afford it (which means I'll probably still go for funded CIPA rather than debt-heavy HKS as the external award will be only for CIPA) And again, thanks a bunch for your advice!
  13. Hey, thanks for the response and advice! Yes, consulting Cornell's admissions office is certainly the sensible thing to do. I'll be sure to do so, thanks mate!
  14. You're right but I simply can't afford to do an MBA and I refuse to take on heavy debt for it.... and I am 100% sure my organization will not sponsor an MBA for me. Regarding the pay-cut upon graduation, if I get even a low-paying job in North America, in absolute terms there is ABSOLUTELY no pay-cut, since my current PKR salary is pennies in dollars, but in relative cost of living standards, perhaps. I don't think I'd mind, though - money is an important factor up till a certain point only. For me right now the experience of living in a western country does appeal more, I'm just concerned about the more long-term future.
  15. Hi jxw! Thanks for this information - it's very useful. The benefits/possible paths you listed are on point and you are right that this is a great opportunity to experience life in a western country, and your final closing remark regarding my perspective is elegantly put. Regarding the H1B visa and jobs in America specifically, I've heard too many accounts of people getting denied the visa/the low probability of getting it, so I was planning to not too many eggs in the US basket, but instead look towards Canada or Europe. Do you think that's a fair assessment?
  16. Thanks for your reply. That makes sense. It's just the act of leaving a well-paying, stable job in an uncertain economy and country that has limited options for policy/development field that's unsettling. But you're right
  17. Guys, I need some sincere advice and I'd be really really grateful if you could take out some of your time to guide me. Before I delve into the back-story, let me summarize the decision that I have to make for Fall 2018: Leave the safety of my current job at a multi-national corporation to go for a fully-funded master's in USA (MPA at Cornell). Currently I am 24, 1.5 years out of undergrad, and part of a management trainee program at a pharmaceutical MNC (In my country, this is very competitive to get into, I was one of 13 successful applicants out of a pool of 5000 - I'm sharing this to signify the stakes involved). This means that in a few years time I will be on the track to becoming a manager at this corporation. This is good stuff in my poor, third world Asian country because it basically means that I will probably have a good, stable income for the rest of my life if I stick around in this company. I like the social atmosphere here as well, which is obviously important to be happy at your job. However, this kind of future clashes with some of the aspirations that I've always, always had in my life; 1. Live in and experience the lifestyle in western countries. 2. Work in policy and development. Yes, I'm still not sure of my specialization. Sorry, it's just the way it is, I'm not going to lie, I don't have any specific direction yet; I just go where the wind blows. I've worked at an NGO the past year, and was able to bag an externally fully funded scholarship for the MPA program at Cornell (CIPA), and have accepted their offer. The scholarship is extremely competitive as well, and it is unlikely that I'll get it again if I rejected it right now and reapply later some year. I'll get my tuition fully covered and I'll get a living stipend so the MPA won't cost me a penny. I'll get to experience living in America, and studying at an elite Ivy League institution, which has always been my dream. I'll get to study a lot of things that I'm passionate about. I'll get to experience the university life again which I sorely miss. BUT after I graduate my future will be uncertain. I will no longer have the stable job and work environment that I currently have. I'm not sure what my prospects are of working in a western country after it, and employers in my own country will most likely question my sporadic activities (from development sector to private sector to graduate school in policy). Focusing on my prospects of working in North America/Europe after my MPA, what would be your advice? Should I follow my heart and go for it? Or should I stay in a job that I find little meaning in but gives me a stable income? I'm the eldest in my family so I'll probably have to support my parents in the future as well, but if I get a job in a western country, the dollars would greatly help in that, because of the lopsided exchange rate. PLEASE do respond, and thanks a lot in advance!
  18. By the way we weren't supposed to submit a "writing sample" right? It's on the checklist?
  19. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I just read that plus realized that I have the receipt dates as well. only the scores fields are blank; guess they'll be updated later.
  20. Guys, I've submitted my application but my checklist on the collegeweb app is completely blank even though I've sent my scores and recommendations a long time ago. Is it the same case with you guys?
  21. Hi guys, just wanted to confirm, since I don't live at EST, the application will close exactly 23 hours from the time I post this, right?
  22. Yeah their font is the other grey area. 11 or the standard 12? That's the question haha, makes a world of difference and they haven't said anything on it
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