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  1. Hey! Anyone here joining the Sustainability program at ASU this fall for their Ph.D.?
  2. Still nothing. Do you have an idea as to what their decision timeline is?
  3. Same! Let me know if get inputs! Thanks
  4. I still haven't heard back from UMD Schol of Public Policy. Did you apply to the Master's or the PhD program?
  5. Hi! I will be starting my Ph.D. at ASU this fall. I am from India, so I am guessing the heat shouldn't be too much of an issue, although I have heard from fellow Indians that they do avoid staying on in Tempe during the peak summer months. Can someone tell me about Tempe as a city? Since I will be spending about five years there, I figure it would help to get a sense of what the city has to offer, and what the evenings/ weekends can look like. Also, would it make sense to live in the student apartment complexes or are there better neighborhoods near the campus?
  6. Has anyone heard from UBC about their Resources, Environment and Sustainability program?
  7. The wait is truly difficult. Let me know if you hear back from them, and I will too. Good luck!
  8. Hi! Anyone here applied to ASU for their Ph.D. in Sustainability? have you heard back?
  9. Hey! Has anyone here applied to UBC IRES for their Ph.D. program? Have you heard back?
  10. Fingers crossed. This waiting around for results is torture.
  11. Anyone else on the waitlist for the PhD admits at Toronto? Have you heard back at all?
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