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  1. I will be attending Penn State! Just committed this morning. It feels good to have definite direction in my life again
  2. I just declined Indiana University. They still plan to make offers in the next week. There may be some hope if you're on their "unofficial" waitlist.
  3. Wegmans is THE grocery store. They originated in upstate New York and are only in a few eastern states now. I can't really describe them except to say that the first few times you go it feels like a sensory overload.
  4. Another PSU admit here! Still waiting to hear from one more program but most likely I will be at Penn State in the fall. I'm visiting campus next week and plan on checking out some apartment options. Is anyone as excited about the nearby Wegmans as I am???
  5. Has anyone heard from Boston University? I saw one rejection on the board today, but nothing else...
  6. Yes, definitely. After talking to the DGS and a few faculty I plan on applying to the joint program after a semester or two (if I decide to attend Penn State).
  7. I proudly claim this as my first admit! I interviewed last Thursday with a few POIs and heard back from the DGS today. My field is nineteenth-century US. I believe they are offering admits one field at a time.
  8. I also got this email...hoping for the best but preparing for the worst!
  9. What major field are you? I interviewed with Penn State today and they told me they would probably be making decisions on Americanists tomorrow and then sending notification sometime next week. Hope this helps!
  10. herstory

    Plan B?

    Hide from every single person who knows I applied to graduate school and begrudgingly wait for next application season...
  11. Same story here. For folks accepted at Indiana: Was your email from the DGS or a POI?
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