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  1. Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art gave me offer 5 mins after interview... felt like it was a good match:) but still not sure which one should I go: RCA painting or Goldsmiths?
  2. I interviewed the painting program exactly a week ago, and five days later they informed me of the result. However, I also interviewed the sculpture department, but it's been a month still nothing heard back.
  3. Hi! I'm also an international student, but thankfully my parents will support me financially. Living in London might be expensive, but you will get lots of public exposures at the same time. Still, being an artist itself is risky, and hopefully, we can stand out someday.
  4. Got accepted by RCA Painting!!!! I also received an interview request from Goldsmiths Fine Art this morning!!!! Exciting!!!!
  5. I did interviews from sculpture three weeks ago and painting two days ago, but no responses so far. The painting interview went pretty well which was surprising for me, and they said RCA painting was not that conservative compared to 20 years ago. Which one did you apply?
  6. Thank you for your reminder. I am a newcomer to this forum. I thought that everyone here to exchange information is to express subjective feelings. As a result, you are so politically correct that I feel sick and please forgive me.
  7. Hi everyone, I am a current BFA student at SAIC, and I am surprised that many of you got rejected for its MFA program. I didn't apply SAIC for graduate school because Chicago has a very limited professional resource for any types of studio artists though it is a good school with great facility and faculty members, especially in Painting and Photography. I had classes with the current chair of the painting and photography department, and their works are certainly amazon. However, I am sick of being in Chicago for four years, and I primarily applied to schools in the UK. As far as no
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