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  1. It's only one school in particular, I believe Columbia
  2. You said you didn't choose Tyler sculpture, was it because of the funding?
  3. I was in communications specifically with Sculpture. He did say they're having all of the finalists over to interview the weekend of the 23rd, but didn't say if it was only sculpture or if it was others as well.
  4. I talked to VCU sculpture. They said they make decisions at the end of the month
  5. For anyone who is still just waiting to hear back from schools, I just got an interview request from Tyler. They sent out the first round of interview requests mid January, so there is hope.
  6. Pros: Incredible funding (tuition wavier + stipend), great state for funding and grants (second only to New York), large and beautiful city, large cohort inside of a large school, Printmaking facilities amazing, Jenny Schmid is amazing (Corinne Teed joined the semester left) Cons: Cold, department can be only focused on capital A Art (loves installation/performance/interdisciplinary does not like abstract work/conventional painting/pottery/craft), can be hard to connect with professors and get their time. One con I'd like to elaborate on is that Minneapolis, and UMN even more so, can be a really difficult places to make friends. It's hard to stress how important/difficult this is but it's very similar to Seattle Freeze. I had one friend who regretted his whole 3 years and his work subsequently became about his home state entirely becuase he couldn't find his community and social circle. It can also be hard to connect with some professors because of this as well. Overall definitely worth it, but when visiting try and go out/ go to bars/ do what you'd normally do in your city and try and feel out the atmosphere.
  7. If you have any questions about the program let me know. I did my Undergrad there and have friends in the grad program
  8. I'm no professor, but short answer no. A lot of times schools don't send it out at the same time, each department may send it out at different times. Secondly a school might not have notified you yet, because they might be keeping you on a waitlist. Nothing wrong in emailing and checking that the application process is going well, but I would suggest that they'll let you know soon enough what they're thinking
  9. I'm envious, but congrats, good luck on the rest as well!
  10. When did you hear from Tyler?
  11. I've had an interview with OSU (also Just received rejection news about it) but haven't heard anything from anyone else
  12. Why do you say she is no longer teaching there? Just because she heads the department? She is definitely still at the school.
  13. This was a discussion in last years forum, I believe about this time of the year in case you want to go back, but she did email her schools to let them know. A lot of people said they got news through calls.
  14. Hey Eric just out of curiosity, do you remember the application process for VCU? when did you hear back and if you had to interview?
  15. God the idea of another application is overwhelming, but thank you, it's absolutely worth checking out. Yeah, I think you said you had your interview already too, but it was very casual, very chill, only asked me about 3 questions. 20 minute interview.
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