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  1. I got my undergrad at Columbia but had a lot of contact with MFAs. One painting MFA told me he had a full ride but also people will just BS about this. My understanding (purely from chatting with MFAs) is that printmaking gives more than 50% but the other disciplines don't give much more than 50%.
  2. wow. okay, this is good to know. that sounds so stressful, I hope they email you back soon. They should be working remotely as most schools have just moved remote but maybe they had to coordinate moving everyone out of their studios etc.
  3. They should be having more interviews as I think my friend's is tomorrow. I would email them.
  4. nevermind, i see that this question has been answered already.
  5. Anyone have any luck pushing administration to give you more financial support? What kind of stuff did you say?
  6. TY. I was also rejected but good to know
  7. Hunter just cancelled in-person interviews. Just in case anyone doesn't get the email. And also for those who are already elected to do skype ...we are all in the same boat now (which I think is more fair)
  8. Thanks, me too. hopefully waitlisted. It was my first year doing the MFA application game ...so went into expecting rejections. Hope you get the financial aid that you want.
  9. Thank you. me too. not super hopeful, as I emailed the co-chairs a thank you and they said I would be hearing back from the administration 😕 was it the administration who called you? Bard is my top choice. Good luck with Columbia. But big congrats on Bard. It seems like a lot of really amazing people interviewed this year.
  10. oh, wow. and you interviewed photo ? congrats!
  11. Hope your interview went well!
  12. Thank you! Good to know, I applied Photo. Maybe see you there. Congrats again.
  13. What discipline did you apply to for Bard? Congrats. I interviewed on Saturday and they told us that we wouldn't hear back until Friday.
  14. I live in Brooklyn, so I'm going to go up. You?
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