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  1. Hi SocialKonstruct. MFA Full res.
  2. Hi juchang! Yes, I did. I also accepted the offer! With some hesitation for current world conditions of course. Were you in the meetings on Friday - I was on the later one. I found pre-emptive planning on the Fall semester pretty reassuring. How are you feeling about it all?
  3. Anyone have any news on Emily Carr?
  4. Congratulations! Was it for MFA Fine Art? I just got an interview req today?
  5. Hey! This is from my Colombia Slideroom page, top left corner of page. It used to say, '2020 New Genres MFA' and today the MFA has been removed.
  6. Hiya! Congrats to those receiving interview requests for Colombia! For anyone wondering if the 'MFA' being removed from their Slideroom app is a thing, it's been removed from my app in Slideroom today and I have not received an interview request. I applied for New Genres. I guess its a no for me Such a sneaky method, but I feel happy to have another answer.
  7. Here's my latest status: All Interdisciplinary. University of Chicago - Nothing Cal Arts - Nothing UCLA - Interdisciplinary Studio - Nothing Carnegie Mellon - Interviewed on 2/9 Colombia - New Genres - Nothing SMFA - Interviewed on 2/11 Emily Carr - Interview forthcoming Goldsmiths - Nothing PNCA - Nothiing Royal College of Art - Rejected
  8. Sorry to hear that . Did you apply for the Painting discipline too?
  9. Thanks MIQI There were two dates offered to me, Feb 8th and 9th. I feel you on the anxiously waiting! I'm pretty sure I've missed out on an interview for my #1 - even though I had one last year. Not meant to be I guess (but really want it to be
  10. Hi All. Received interview request for Tufts today.
  11. For anyone waiting on Carnegie Mellon interviews, I received a request yesterday.
  12. It’s my #1! Pretty devo not to get an interview this round. I totally wrecked the first one though. Too nervous because I wanted it too much The interview was pretty much a whole day affair, including a lunch with prospective students and the faculty, a tour, crits and a 20 min interview with 2 faculty and one current MFA student. They asked me what I’d been doing since my BFA, and then some q’s specific to my practice. According to a current student, last years intake included 4 students that attended the interviews in person and 4 that Skyped in. Let me know if you
  13. Hi All, Long time reader, first time poster! Trying to be low-key about the whole thing, but low-key freaking instead. Here's where I'm applying. I'm seeking an Interdisciplinary MFA: University of Chicago Cal Arts UCLA Carnegie Mellon Colombia SMFA Emily Carr Goldsmiths - still working on this application PNCA - still working on this application too Royal College of Art - already rejected, going to resubmit for 2nd round Last year I only applied to U of Chicago, but was wait listed. I had an interview request by thi
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