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  1. I don't know much about those programs specifically but yeah general funding searches would be probably the best base place to start - but it seems like you got some good leads already that fit most of what you're looking for in a program! Thought I'd toss in Washington University in St. Louis MFA IVC (Illustration/Research/Academic focused) - it's a newer program but they have a few fully funded spots, worth applying to see if you'd get one! I know it's in another geographic direction. Though summer time may be a weather deal breaker ha! https://www.mfaivc.samfoxschool.wustl.edu/about
  2. Still planning on going! I was really going back and forth for a bit when I didn't even know if it'd be online or or not but it's good for now! My program will be a mix of online and in person as needed. But I'm also in design so a lot of stuff can be done online with more ease than full studio work. If it was only online that would have been a more difficult choice for sure, but I figure this seems as good a time as any to shelter from Covid a bit as well as making work during all these changes. I'd also strongly recommend to anyone attending this round to speak to your school and ask for
  3. Hey there - I'm sneaking in from the art corner of the forums since people just aren't really mentioning much of this there which is baffling to me. I totally agree with all your points. Prior to everything shaking down I accepted an offer and now I'm just at a loss. Schools in the same region of my program have already announced online only semesters so it's only a matter of time until my school does too as these are all domino effects - and as you mentioned - there's a possibility of a second wave of this. Who's to say it won't make the whole year online? I know for some programs, bei
  4. Is anyone else here going to Artcenter for Graphic Design (Two year track)? Saw some other admissions to the program on the results page, was wondering if y'all ended up accepting or not!
  5. Just heard back via e-mail from Art Center for MFA Graphic Design (Accepted) if anyone is waiting on that!
  6. Thank you! I'm not sure. I applied to a different program at SVA, sorry I don't have more insight on that!
  7. Just received an offer from Pratt MFA Communication Design via e-mail if anyone is waiting on that program! Super excited.
  8. I haven't heard anything from AC Graphic Design. I'm also applying to SVA but not for Graphic Design - going off the Grad cafe results page - I think SVA/Pratt/Parsons etc stick pretty close to that March 15th acceptance date range. I saw some that were in early march but that was minimal.
  9. I'm not sure yet for creative leaning schools - but I've seen in a handful of other programs schools will help with costs. If you're in a tight financial position - it doesn't hurt at all to ask admissions if the school will reimburse travel costs for a visit - they may so no, but they could also offer a little bit that could at least offset the plane ticket/hotel etc! Good luck
  10. As a heads up, Pratt has moved their admissions date for Fall 2020 back twice now - Once from Jan 5th, to the 20th, now to the 27th. (So if anyone wanted to apply there, it's still open.)
  11. Congrats, that's exciting : D You're going to rock it!
  12. Ahh, I'm just patiently waiting for the 15th deadline for two of my apps to hit and then I can rest knowing everything is under review! I haven't seen as many design leaning folks on here - but I'm applying to: SVA Interaction Design Pratt Communications Design Parsons Communication Design ArtCenter Graphic Design Ahhhh, this is my first time applying to grad programs so I'm nervous and excited : D I hope everyone is boding well during the wait times!
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