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  1. I applied late and got it yesterday. They might be following alphabetical order.
  2. yesterday, around 1pm pacific time
  3. I read about someone who got admitted the 5th time. Keep at it Paintingal!!!
  4. i wish this means you got accepted.
  5. i just received rejection. good luck everyone
  6. ok, good. Well keep us all posted good souls. I'm planning to post here right when I hear from them. best wishes to all.
  7. Will they send acceptance and rejection? did they say?
  8. really? I have applied once and don't remember getting a rejection email. Are you sure?
  9. of course there is always the scenario that they already started sending acceptance letters but none of us on this forum got accepted.
  10. We might be in for some waiting. I’ve settled to the thought that if they moved the traditional timeframe from early to mid April it means they need the extra time. Mid April could mean ten more days. I need to buckle up.
  11. They might not send anything before next week. They said mid April. I'm taking their word for it!!
  12. will you all dear applicants please remember to let the rest of us know if you hear anything from Skowhegan? Thanks!
  13. The same question crossed my mind!!! Wish I know the answer.
  14. by the way, on their website it says MID April. I know in the past they announced results early April. This year, they might be needing the extra two or so weeks, and moved the date. We might be expecting results too early. Who knows!
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