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  1. I will likely apply for some and see what I get. I don't have good credit and no co-signer. But I'm also not trying to go into over $100k of student loan debt (I'm at $30k currently with undergrad, all gov student loans), really trying to avoid any private loans. But I also don't see myself going through another round of applications. If I continue working in my current career I literally don't have time to make new work, certainly not "good" work, and I had to stop showing my work because I could never coordinate drop offs/pick ups etc with my crazy schedule. So I will certainly apply for loa
  2. Sorry to hear I feel your pain. Out of 10 applications I got 8 rejections, 1 vague, pseudo-waitlist, and 1 acceptance and scholarship but still not enough financial aid to do it. I've contacted them explaining that I need more financial assistance and am visiting the school this weekend during an "Admitted Students' Day", so crossing my fingers now more than ever. Best of luck to everyone! This process is a killer.
  3. I'm curious too! During my interview I was told to be direct and ask for what I need. I just emailed my interviewer to ask for advice on the best/most polite way to do this and he just said to just tell them what I need (them being the director of admissions specifically). Which I have now done...so here's hoping!
  4. Piggy backing off of tee_lemon's post, ha. Anyone going to the SMFA Admitted Student Day this weekend??
  5. I emailed them at the general email they listed. Wesley Harvey responded a couple days later. “We have sent out the first round of acceptance letters. However, just because you have not heard from us does not mean that your status will not change in the coming weeks as we gain more knowledge about our acceptances and any possible fundingimprovements within departments. Please know that we appreciate your patience and we hope to have additional information for you soon.” So not specifically “waitlisted” but basically. Idk.
  6. Welp. All my responses came in. Rejections from MICA. Waitlisted, or some such based on a pretty vague email, at GSU. Going to the Admitted Students Day at SMFA at the end of this month. I guess everything rides on their financial aid offer. Pretty stressed and disappointed and frustrated. But excited about the prospect of Boston!!
  7. Rejection from Tyler. Kind of irritated that I had to email multiple times and was finally informed that I should be checking on TUportal - which I was never given any log in code for until asking via email on friday - FYI this is an entirely differ t site than the initial application so if you are waiting to hear from Tyler still you might want to make sure you are checking the TUportal, not the application site. I had a lot of system errors when submitting my portfolio and additional material to Temple/Tyler and it took emails to several people to finally get a response. A member of their IT
  8. I emailed them on Wednesday and got an email back “Thanks for getting in touch. The department is finalizing decisions and everything should be announced within the next week or less. Keep an eye on your TUportal as this is where your decision will be posted. Let me know if you have any questions and best of luck!” Hoping this means we haven’t been rejected just yet! I applied for Painting.
  9. UConn rejection via email just now. Expected, but the rejections are still tough. 😔 4 more responses to come.
  10. I got a rejection last week. Someone else in this group was also rejected.
  11. Congratulations, me too! Not sure if I’ll be able to afford to go but I’m going to try!
  12. 😔 Same. I really wanna know who did get in.
  13. YES!!! My boys will need new pup friends for sure! Follow me on instagram, I wanna see your husky! ig = @jess_is_over_it
  14. Just got a rejection from Tulane.
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