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  1. I graduated with a BFA and an Art Education degree and accepted a teaching job right out of undergrad. I fully intended on going back for my MFA, but after 2 years of collecting a salary and benefits while still paying off my student loans from undergrad, it no longer seemed rational to leave my new career to go back to school and take on more loans. Which is why I’m now applying to Low Res MFA programs 10 years later. I’m now financially comfortable, can keep my job, and have a decent salary to balance out the debt. With that said, I still would have preferred doing a traditional full re
  2. That’s what my Bard email said too. I took it as a rejection. I suppose if all extended offers are declined, they will go back into the application pool. So it’s not a straight up rejection I guess? 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. Bard painting rejection today, via email.
  4. @Portola I would say that @Lemon2Lemonade is pretty spot on from the research i've done. I applied to 5 low-res mfa programs. I'm a high school art teacher, 10 years out of undergrad, and I've maintained a regular studio practice, so the low-res format works best for me at this point, especially because I'll be able to maintain my full time teaching position and travel to the campus during my summer breaks. I applied to Bard, SAIC, SFAI, PAFA, and Northern Vermont University @ Vermont Studio Center. The biggest drawback that I'm realizing for most programs (aside from Bard) is that you are
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