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  1. I applied to the Education PhD program at University of Manitoba, as well as the English PhD program at Northeastern University. I'm a university writing instructor, so both apply. It's been a month and a half since I submitted the UM and a month since the NEU app. Waiting is so hard!
  2. I'm celebrating today! I just submitted my first application, and I'm finalizing my SOP for the other. All my requests for LORs are out. I'm psyched because I'm still nearly a month out from the deadlines!
  3. I'm currently a FYW instructor, and I'm applying to get my PhD in Rhet/Comp! I have a BA in Secondary Ed: English & Psychology and an MA in Creative Writing. My research interest is improving student well-being through the FYW classroom through "life skills" lessons (e.g., time management and stress reduction). I'm applying to Ed and English programs for this application season. I'm only applying to Northeastern University for Rhet/Comp. Fingers crossed!
  4. Part of this depends on who your other LOR will be from. Does you program specifically state what kind of references they want? Some programs ask specifically for academic-only references, some might say one academic and one potentially professional. To cut it down some, I would suggest against 2 and 3, since they just aren't as strong as the others.
  5. As a note regarding videos, make sure you have them captioned!! This helps for people who may have a disability or speak English non-natively or for people in louder environments. A lot of universities have a service to do this. If not, you can upload them to YouTube privately and have YouTube create auto-generated captions. You can leave them auto-gen or edit the auto-genned ones.
  6. I don't think a 22-year-old dating a 20-year-old is weird at all. In some places, it isn't illegal for a 20-year-old to date a 16-year-old due to Romeo and Juliet laws, but that's a different thing altogether. More of what I was saying is that at certain ages, there's just so much that happens, making the age difference seem much larger. If you want to go for a difference age comparison, what about a 13-year-old and a 17-year-old?
  7. Hello! I wanted to know if anyone has been part of the BLW Joint PhD program in Education. I'm a US student, and the concept of three universities "hosting" a program is completely foreign to me. However, I'm really interested in the research of one of the faculty members at Brock (Vera Woloshyn), and I'd love to work with her. I just don't know what to expect out of a joint program. TIA
  8. I've been teaching online for about a year now (3 semesters), and I've found a lot of great resources to really help. Are you teaching synchronously or asynchronously? What have you tried? What seems to be working? What specific concerns do you have? What topic(s) do you teach? Without knowing much about your situation, it's more difficult to help. One big thing that changes with online teaching is obviously the connection between teacher and student. From personal experience and research, feeling connected to a teacher improves learning. I find it really helpful to be much more invo
  9. As others mentioned, I don't believe it's the inherit act of dating an undergrad that's "wrong," and depending on the school, no one will blink an eye. I think it's about compatibility of two people. Of course, in grad school you're considered more mature, and if you're going out to frat parties every weekend with your undergrad girlfriend, people will probably look down on you, but that's more about going to frat parties every weekend -- your maturity. Additionally, you're more likely to connect with people in your environment since you'll spend A LOT of time with them. In grad school, I
  10. Hi, all -- I'm sure there's something in the forums about this, but I couldn't find anything, and at this time of year, I'm sure it's relevant to a number of people. I've gotten my potential Ph.D. programs for application down to five and have selected my potential supervisors. Last week (Aug 27-ish), I e-mailed them to talk about their research, share my interests, and request further information about their programs. I kept the e-mail relatively short (about 3 brief paragraphs) and inquired when they'd be available to chat more. A week has passed, and I haven't heard anything back.
  11. MA in English speaking here: Beyond research positions, I may also suggest reaching out to faculty you've connected with in the English Department to see if there's anything they think you may be able to do to improve your application status - specifically not literature professors. Additionally, reach out the university writing center. You might be able to get a job there, which would also look good on an application showing your devotion to English. As a consultant at the UWC, I started attending conferences, made an excellent connection with the UWC director, and now have an excel
  12. Hi, all -- I'm stressing out about my eligibility moving forward. I'm interesting in PhD programs in education, specifically looking at faculty members' role in university students' mental health, as well as improving accessibility for university students with disabilities. I have found some incredible supervisors in Australia, but I don't know if I'm eligible for the programs. I have a BA in Secondary Ed with a major in English and minor in Psychology. My MA is in Creative Writing with a creative thesis. I have now taught first-year writing (i.e., freshman composition) for four year
  13. Hi, all -- I've been stressing about my next steps. Last year, I applied for PhD programs in English, but it just didn't feel right. This year, I realized it's because I'm more interesting education in general. Right now, I'm specifically focused on faculty members' role in mental health in higher education. I'm also fascinating by increasing accessibility in classrooms. The topics of English Ed. just don't feel as pressing. I have a BA in Secondary Ed with a major in English and minor in Psychology. I did zero research for my degree. I completed my MA in Creative Writing with a crea
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