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  1. I appreciate the concern, but two of my colleagues attended the university, as well. I also had several hour-long meetings with my advisor and talked with a committee member for four hours. The program itself isn't sketchy. It's a PhD in Education and just has a lot of educators/principals who are working full-time, which is why they don't provide automatic funding.
  2. Y'all, I feel so lost right now. So, I got into my top choice for a PhD program, and I feel like there's so much ahead of me that I'm just stuck. Things are made so much worse by COVID and the uncertainty it brings, too! Can you all help me think through things I need to handle between now and starting classes? I'm a U.S. student doing a PhD program in Canada, so I know I need to handle a bunch of stuff with moving internationally (with my spouse and animals) and securing a student visa. I didn't receive funding automatically, but the program is super cheap (under $8500 CAD fo
  3. Following because I'm in the same boat. I got accepted into my top program (also my only acceptance), but no word about funding. I have until April 9 to accept the offer, and I have a meeting with my supervisor on Tuesday. I'm just so anxious that I might not be able to go work with my dream team because of funding.
  4. I got into the University of Manitoba!!!! It may not be highly ranked but goodness, I love my advisor and the research they're doing into student well-being.
  5. Oh, I'm cautiously optimistic. I squealed and ran to my spouse when I saw the change. However, I'm not making any plans or telling anyone until I get that official notice.
  6. My top school has moved my application from "Under Review in Department" to "Under Review in Graduate Studies," and I'm dying.
  7. As an update, I didn't end up applying. Although I was really interested in Dr. Woloshyn's research, I didn't click with her when we met. Furthermore, I didn't like the idea of taking all online classes for my PhD and not really having a cohort.
  8. I think University of Michigan did that to me last year. I checked the portal, and one day, it said, "A decision has been made." Then it wouldn't tell me what decision was made for a long time. I eventually figured it out myself.
  9. I've been checking my portal religiously, and my top choice just moved from "Under Review in Department" to "Under Review in Graduate Studies." I'm dying.
  10. Not necessarily, no. Your interests might not be a perfect fit for a university, they may have had a small group of students being admitted this year (quite common for 2021), and much, much more. For grad school, they're really looking at who the applicants are and how well they fit the faculty. That means that it really depends on who's on faculty, what your interests are, how many students the school is admitting, who else applies, etc.
  11. Deadline was December 15. And yeah, I was shocked to hear from them.
  12. I heard back from Northeastern University's English PhD on the 15th. Rejection. They noted they had an exceptionally competitive pool this year. It's chill, though. They were my second choice.
  13. I applied to the Education PhD program at University of Manitoba, as well as the English PhD program at Northeastern University. I'm a university writing instructor, so both apply. It's been a month and a half since I submitted the UM and a month since the NEU app. Waiting is so hard!
  14. I'm celebrating today! I just submitted my first application, and I'm finalizing my SOP for the other. All my requests for LORs are out. I'm psyched because I'm still nearly a month out from the deadlines!
  15. I'm currently a FYW instructor, and I'm applying to get my PhD in Rhet/Comp! I have a BA in Secondary Ed: English & Psychology and an MA in Creative Writing. My research interest is improving student well-being through the FYW classroom through "life skills" lessons (e.g., time management and stress reduction). I'm applying to Ed and English programs for this application season. I'm only applying to Northeastern University for Rhet/Comp. Fingers crossed!
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