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  1. Oh field season, WHY are you treating me so badly! It's Murphy's Law all up, over, and through my experiment right now. @hippyscientist I didn't know you go to Zenos! We've probably seen each other and haven't known it! Are you ever there for trivia???
  2. VG/E G/VG F/VG I actually did worse than when I applied as an undergrad Oh well, there will be more grants (hopefully. maybe).
  3. ugh. nsf grfp announcements were just sent out. i didn't get one
  4. all your food posts are making me hungry we have our recruitment event soon and it's so weird t think that i was in that just a year ago. Also, the new recruits that are interested in our lab are so impressively competent that now i feel like an idiot. Why did my advisor choose me? I feel like I haven't done anything
  5. ALSO! Has anyone just been informed that they need a $90 book a couple days before the semester starts?!!! I'm trying to get it from any library first, even though it might be a good investment for me to get the book anyway.
  6. oh no, @Need Coffee in an IV! at least you still got to say goodbye and your dog got to hear your voice. I've been snuggling with mine. Even extended my break for a little extra time with him before I have to go back to school/ work. Have any of you decided to make some changes from last semester to this one? I'm trying to schedule my time/ direct my energy more so I'm not sitting in an office wondering what I should do. I've thought about bullet journaling to see if it helps, but it looks like so much work
  7. ALSO @hippyscientist we need to get coffee next semester if you have time!
  8. @hippyscientist I've got some serious snuggling to catch up on with my dog. A friend is having an ugly sweater party, and I might go to a silent disco for new years! Other than that, i'm maxing and relaxing with some papers and my pupperoo
  9. Yall. I took my final on Tuesday and drove home on Wednesday. 12 HOURS!! The semester was okay. I've given myself a few pep talks and am cool with whatever grades I get as long as I keep funding. But it feels great to be away from school and with my parents and dog. Are any of you still doing work over the break or just relaxing and prepping for next semester? I'm using this as literature review and data analysis time.
  10. i keep telling myself that grades don't matter, but it's hard when they hammer in the importance of grades throughout undergrad!
  11. Do you need all of those features? If you just need a dry erase board, i think you can get some dry erase material for pretty cheap at a home improvement store
  12. I feel like times in my department are pretty free flowing. I get in around 9/10 am and leave between 4 and 6 some days. We're only required to do 20 hr a week, but I like to get everything for the day done while I'm on campus. Leaving at 5 is horrendous. Buses are crowded and there's always a huge line at the stop signs/lights. I'd rather come in late and stay late than get in early. I also don't really like hanging out with my roommate so I enjoy being in the lab and not around her as much as I can.
  13. @Effloresce My roommate is similar. She'll cook large meals (that don't even look appetizing) and leave dirty spatulas and food remnants on the counter for days. If it's on the side where my dishes are, then I move it to her counter and leave it. I think we're at the point in our lives where you should KNOW to clean up after yourself, especially when you live with someone else. I'll be so ready when this lease is up. I'm sure I'll like her more when I don't live with her. You should mention it to her. The worse that happens is she doesn't change, but at least you made her awar
  14. @Pink Fuzzy Bunny I think it was a typo for gender non-conforming committee. @janetjanejune I'm so happy you've found other gender fluid people so quickly!
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