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  1. Hi, I need some advice...and also I just want to complain some so thanks for listening. I've finished 1 semester of leveling classes for my masters degree in communication design. My portfolio "wasn't good enough" to get straight into the real masters coursework so I was required by my school to take a year of leveling classes. The first semester was hell. They are basically cramming a 4 year the undergrad design curriculum into 2 semesters. Ontop of that, the program is designed to be a flexible distance learning program. However, the leveling classes are not distance classes, and you are required to be there 2 days a week. Anyways, I don't live anywhere close to the school and had to commute the whole time, which made things even harder. Now that I look back at all of the work I created over the semester, I hate it. I know we are there to learn, but I feel like I'm at the stage where I should be creating work I enjoy, not doing boring crappy freshman design assignments. Not to toot my horn, but I'm a good artist and I feel so stifled doing this program. I loved being an undergrad and was given so much creative freedom, treated with respect, and made a lot of awesome pieces of work. I thought grad school would be the same or better, but so far its not. The professors at this school are like design Nazi's and I feel like they are treating us like dumb undergrads. The semester is over and I still need to turn in 1 paper, and now that I'm done with all of my work, I don't even want to finish the paper. When I think about what I just went through, (endless commuting, working on stuff I hate, the pressure of the deadlines, sleepless nights, being 29 years old and treated like an undergrad), it makes me sick. Ontop of that I have no funding and am just paying for this out of my pocket. I wanted to get an MFA so I can teach college art...that was my dream, but now that I'm there, I hate it. I know I can be negative and a pessimist at times, so maybe I'm just being a whiney baby, I don't know. Maybe the commute is what killed me. I don't want to quit but I don't know if this is worth all of the suffering. I feel like at my age I should be thriving and enjoying life, not barely surviving. It took me 6 years after my undergrad degree to finally decide to apply and get into grad school. My teachers kept encouraging me to go and never gave up on me. I'd feel like a jack-ass if I quit after 1 semester...but I hate it!!
  2. Hi, I am a grad student and right now I am commuting to school from 2 hours away. I know crazy right? Well I need to find a place closer to school to live and initially I thought I could just save up a bunch of cash, quit my job, and move down there. But I am starting to realize that the area I want to move to is really popular and there is a lot of competition for places to live. I have awesome credit, but when I move down there I won't have a job. Do you think any places would rent to me without a job? Or should I quit my job here, find a job in new town first, then move? I have plenty of money saved up to cover rent for at least a year, but my impression is that landlords and rental properties want regular people with regular jobs, nothing weird or sketchy. I thought my grad student status would help me but the one agent I spoke with so far suggested that I find a job first. Would it be wrong to lie and use my current job as income when applying for places to rent? Also to throw another wrench in the plan, I have 2 dogs and a boyfriend coming with me so I can't just rent a room in a dorm or shack up with a bunch of other students. I was thinking maybe I could get a work study job at the school or a fellowship, but I declined that option for the 2014-2015 year...
  3. Yep, I agree, ripping up something is conveying exactly that. I worked on the thing for at least 5 hours so its not like it was something I threw together in 5 minutes with no thought whatsoever. I want to do anyother project that says "fuck you" and put a big middle finger on it, print it out and see if he will rip that up too. I too have professional experience. I'm probably 10 years older than some of the undergrads there so I'm not some dumb spring chicken straight out of highschool.
  4. Well I've been in the fine arts field for a while and haven't ever seen it before, but I have come across a few professors who are egotistical and act like they are above any laws or morals set in place by the school, so that's nothing new. I think the fine arts field must attract people like this because art is all about ego. I'm not taking it personally that he ripped it up. It just made me realize that he's a jack-ass. I also agree that academic respect is earned over time, but it goes both ways. If teachers don't show respect to their students or their students work, how am I supposed to respect them? I don't respect him academically now (or personally).
  5. No I haven't spoken to him about it. I was just surprised when it happened and blew it off, but once I got home I was like wait a minute, that was wrong.
  6. Is it normal for graduate professors to treat you this way? I'm going for a masters in graphic design and I originally imagined graduate school as a place where I am respected as a fellow artist, given freedom to do work I enjoy etc. Instead I feel like being treated like I'm below the professors instead of like a fellow colleague. In one of my classes we had an assignment to create 3 images and print them out. I did the assignment and the prof. ripped up all of them. He barely glanced at them before doing this in-front of the other students. We were going over them in a critique. He sort of did it jokingly but I still think it was wrong. I proceeded to ask him what was wrong with them, and he gave valid answers, but I do not believe they needed to be ripped up. I think its disrespectful. I would never rip up someone else's artwork. I mean it was done on the computer, but it still was something I worked hard on and invested my time and research on. Before that, we were instructed to create 2 other images (based on his choosing). I actually don't like the ones that he chose and prefer some of the ones he ripped up. So aside from him ripping up my shit, I have to work on his shitty ideas instead of my own. This is my 1st semester and I'm trying to hang in there, but so far it just seems like a bunch of bullshit. I feel like the professors are treating us like 12 year olds. Is that normal in a graduate program?
  7. I don't know if he doesn't understand or is incapable of understanding or just chooses to ignore me. He knows what I want, he just doesn't acknowledge it. Anytime I bring it up, we end up fighting, so I just try not to bring it up. Plus his BFA is not something he LOVES. I LOVE what I study. He is just going to school to "get a better job." Apparently his job is reimbursing him for his tuition so if he transfers, he will have to pay for school. That's one of his excuses...out of many. Its just hard because it seems like I've been waiting for him forever to finish and this is all i ever think about. And what am I supposed to do leave him to go to school? We just got married a year ago and everyone I know would think i was nuts if i did that. But I am already going nuts just sitting here doing a desk job.
  8. I want to go to grad school, but my husband wants me to wait 3 years for him to finish his BFA where we live now. I don't want to wait. By then, I will be 30! Basically, he is set in his ways and doesn't care about my goals/ dreams/ etc. He does not want to move or compromise with me. He doesn't want to leave his job. How do I do this all alone or get him to come with me?
  9. Ok, I hear ya. Yes that makes sense. Its like wine tasting. You can't tell if its good just by smelling it. I guess it would be a bit overwhelming to wait until the last minute to visit the schools. But I see you saw SAIC for the first time during your interview, so there can be exceptions to the rule. It just sucks being soo far away from everything. I'm in the middle of the boondocks in Texas. Probably as far away from the east or west coast you can get without being in Alaska or Hawaii.
  10. Does anyone else have insight on this or care to share what they did? i think most people on here are at the already applied stage, so any insight into the process is appreciated. thanks.
  11. Thanks for the great answer!! I guess I better get cracking figuring out which schools I like the best.
  12. This may be a stupid question, but do you visit the schools before you apply or after you apply and get accepted? I know a lot of people visit the schools before they apply, but I was thinking I could apply first and then visit the ones I get accepted to. That way I can save my money on the ones that don't accept me, so I wouldn't have wasted my time flying out to visit them. Is that a bad idea?
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