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  1. Hello! I have a question regarding commuting during grad school. I commuted during undergrad. In the beginning, it was fun because I was able to ride the train and bus/ drive when I wanted to. However, towards the end, TRAFFIC!!!! lol I wish I was exaggerating , but trust me when I say traffic has gotten worse for those who have to commute into the city. One of the programs I've applied to is approximately an hour away from where I live. The big kicker is that it's in somewhat of a rural area-- so no bus line/ train line. Another program which is in the city is normally a 3
  2. Also you do not need your name and address. All of that should be with your application materials submitted via csdcas or whatever portal the program uses. For peace of mind, you can do the " last name page number" in the upper right hand corner. I've heard of applicants doing that. However, that's not necessary.
  3. Double space. I've heard members from the committee state how annoyed they get with having to read personal statements with single spaced font. Apparently, it puts a strain on their eyes. Also, keep in mind that they are reading many essays-- sometimes up to 100+ ( 2 pages each). Imagine what that is like for them.
  4. Complete is what you'll see before it's been verified. Did they verify it yet? (Trying to figure out how long this year's cycle will take)
  5. Hello. I would aim to have a verbal and writing score of at least 50th percentile. I know programs who do not care about the Quant. as much as the verbal. To be honest, a 2.5 writing score is going to be a red flag for any program because SLP is a communication based field -- which you already know. So, the two things you definitely have to score well on would be the verbal and writing. I would take it again. Magoosh can help. The first time I took it without much prep but LOADS of nervousness, I scored a few points from 150 as well. Took it the second time, and scored over the 60th perce
  6. Thank you for your insight because as you mentioned many others made it seem like the "worst years." I was like, I get that it's time consuming and requires dedication, but is it that bad to where you need medication and your mental health is at stake? If possible, could you update us around finals time just to let us know how you are doing? I know it sounds like an odd request, but I would like to know if the stress of finals in undergrad is the same, much more intense, etc? If not, that is perfectly fine. Thanks , again. All the best.
  7. Wow. For some reason I thought GA positions would at least come close to cost of living expense. I was wondering why everyone was freaking out about loans despite having a GA. Makes sense now. Thanks for responding.
  8. Hey, everyone! I just wanted to stop by and ask those of you who are currently in a program three questions about GA positions assisting with living expenses. Also, if you have any tips or cautionary advice please feel free to share. What is the compensation rate like for those of you who have graduate assistantships (in the CSD department and other departments on campus)? How are you able to cover rent and other basic necessities while in graduate school? Does your GA cover tuition and provide a stipend ( i.e full vs. partial depending on hours worked per week)?
  9. Yes. I do. I've already contacted Valdosta because I thought it would be easier to get into, and due to the way my undergrad program was set up, where we take CSD courses to satisfy most grad school requirements without actually having a CSD undergraduate major, I was told that I couldn't apply. I've taken graduate courses at my alma mater, but due to my university not having a designated undergrad program, I'm forced to look at programs that do not require that ALL pre-reqs. be completed prior to entering a program. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm looking into some of the schools you mention
  10. I notice you applied to Armstrong State University. Do you have to have all of the CSD pre-reqs. completed prior to applying to Armstrong? I have the majority except for Speech Science and Normal Speech & Lang. Development. My university didn't offer it for undergrad. Can you still apply and just take it in grad school, or do you have to have those courses completed by the time you submit your application?
  11. Thanks, ya'll. I appreciate the advice. I just took the GRE today for the THIRD time just to see if I could move my GRE verbal score above the 61% as well as my writing score from 4.0 to 5.0>. Well, I scored two points below my original score for verbal. Made a 151. Won't even mention math because I focused on verbal. I don't know what to do at this point. It's like why bother? I'm already stressed out , and I feel like my life is at a standstill. I'm not applying to the top 10 schools, but I'm still nervous. Should I retake it? If so, I would have to take it before November 1st. I just d
  12. Am I the only one feeling some anxiety about reapplying? This will be my second application cycle. I'm not one of those 4.5 cumulative GPA students with 3,000 hours of volunteering/shadowing hours. ol Not bashing anyone who is, but I just want to see if there is anyone who is the " above 3.5 but not 4.0 club and okay GRE scores" club. 3.67 cumulative... CSD GPA roughly the same give or take a point or two with CSDCAS calculations. 153 Verbal 144 Q; AWA 4.0 taken it twice and advised not to take again since I am currently in the process of gaining more experience. Served as NSSLHA officer, v
  13. I read on the University of West Georgia's program page that all three letters of reccs. must come from professors/ academia. I graduated, and I can count on 2 professors to write my letter of recc. ( not sure about the third due to not hearing back from her). I've attended the open house for other programs, and when asked about using a Speech- Language pathologist for the third letter of recc., the program director said that it was acceptable ( as long as two letters of recc were from academia). Can anyone currently in the program verify this? Are there any CSD pre-reqs. that must be c
  14. Thank you so much for the motivation! I'm working as a special ed parapro right now-- teaching me so much about dealing with young children diagnosed with autism and experience meltdowns. I'm shadowing an SLP. The idea of reapplying year after year is scary especially when I hear about people who seem to be the perfect candidate and can't get into a program for whatever reason. Thanks,once again and all the best with grad school.
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