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  1. Hi! Just wanted to say that anything is possible! I graduated with a 2.78 GPA (both cumulative and csd) and I am starting my first semester of graduate school this year. I felt like I really perservered when I stopped focusing on my GPA and focused on other qualities that made me a great candidate like my volunteer and work experience, my background and the struggles that I overcame! I spent a lot of time crafting a strong letter of intent and made sure that my letters of rec were reflective of me to the max. Sounds like you are in the exact same boat! Don't give up
  2. Hi!! I was a CSD major, but in terms of the low GPA I was in the same place as you. I graduated with a 2.7 GPA (lower than you), and reading into the forums and talking to people to try to get help was very discouraging because many people told me that there was no chance that I was going to grad school. However, it only took a few people that shared their experiences to make me realize that GPA is not everything. So I told myself that if I ever got accepted into a program I would be that person for someone else!! I took a year off to work on my application. I started a list of thing
  3. Hey, Thanks for your response Toya Have you had experience taking these courses from USU?
  4. Hey everyone! So to start off, I graduated in May 2018 with a 2.76 GPA in communication disorders. While I always knew my passion for speech, I clearly didn't take college as seriously as I should've, or could've (as reflected in my GPA!). During/since I have graduated, I've gotten experience with clinical internships and volunteer work in various settings related to the field, and did ABA therapy. I'm in the process of studying for the GRE and plan on taking it soon. However, I recognize that despite my experience and GRE scores, most, if not all schools require a 3.0 GPA mini
  5. Thank you for sharing! Definitely helps me realize that a low GPA doesn't mean it is the end for me as long as I'm persistent.
  6. Hey everyone, I'm a recent graduate (I graduated a week ago) and while it has been exciting starting a new chapter of my life, it has also been extremely nerve-wracking for me with all the uncertainty when it comes to getting into graduate school. With that being said, it hit me that with a 2.8 GPA, grad school feels a little out of reach as most programs I've researched won't even accept an application without a 3.0 GPA. My biggest struggle has been dwelling on my undergrad years and how school wasn't as big as a priority to me as it should've been. I keep beating myself up b
  7. Hey! I'm going through programs and looking at admission requirements and I noticed that most programs make it a requirement to have a GPA over 3.0 to even submit your application. Since you had a GPA similar to mine, I'm wondering how (and possible which programs) you found that didn't have a GPA requirement. Also, did you stick to your GPA and run with it while applying or did you take additional coursework after graduating?
  8. How can I begin looking into post-bacc and how exactly does it work!?
  9. Just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone for all the insight and encouragement. Seriously, I felt a little lost and now I feel more comfortable in my abilities and I feel like there was no need to doubt myself in the first place. I may have had some bumps in the road and made some mistakes but that doesn't change the experience I have, and will gain in the field and the passion that I have. I'm excited for the future and I'm excited to keep y'all posted as things fall into place. I have NO idea how post-bacc programs work, or how to even get started in one, or what programs are good, espe
  10. Thank you so much for this! I definitely needed some sort of direction and to know that I'm not hopeless. I will DEFINITELY keep you updated on how this goes for me (fingers crossed!) and would love for you to look over my LOI... I'm a lot less anxious and a lot more excited for the future.
  11. Thank you everyone for your encouragement and helpful information! I appreciate it so much. I’m not quite familiar with how post-bacc classes work— how to get started on them, requirements, finding the right classes online and what not so if someone could be so kind as to shed some light on that I would greatly appreciate it!
  12. Hi everyone, I am a recent graduate with my degree in speech, language hearing sciences. Reality hit me recently that I have a 2.8 GPA as a result of some tough life events and also prioritizing fun over studying throughout my college career. I am extremely passionate about the field and have been since I declared my major as a freshman in college, and there is nothing in the world I want more than to get into graduate school and pursue this passion. I know for a fact that there is not 'plan B' for me because this field is for me. I am taking a year off to recuperate and get my
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