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  1. slp2beLA

    George Washington University SLP

    I was told that your first 3 semesters you have about 2-3 clients (so you're able to rotate through the nine different tracks) and then your last two semesters you're placed in two externships (one in fall, one in spring) and might have one or two classes and one client in the clinic (This is what a current student told me), she also told me that you might go out into schools to do screenings which is really fun. She said that the workload is really doable with the number of clients you have and said that she has really enjoyed her clinical education. I think you might do clinic Tuesday/Thursday but im not sure that depends on your class schedule, etc. It seems that you have a good balance but i guess that depends on the person. the students i talked to said that they never feel stressed out about the workload that they have!
  2. slp2beLA

    George Washington University SLP

    It has lots of resources!! There are a bunch of clinic rooms, audiology booths, supply closet, sensory closet, etc! of course, all university clinics don't get a lot of funding unless its through donations or the tuition is steep lol but honestly it's pretty good! I visited and toured and wish I took pictures but the description is all i can do for you. I hope it helps!
  3. slp2beLA

    Samford Housing

    Hello!!! I recently was accepted to Samford and it's my top choice if i dont get into another school. BUT, i was wondering if anyone who has attended the program (isnt from alabama/didnt go to samford) know how housing works!!! i dont know anyone that applied but would rather not live alone. if anyone knows what to do/has a suggestion let me know thank you!!
  4. slp2beLA

    Louisiana Schools 2019

    (also interviewed with them but haven't heard anything back which is why im a little concerned lol)
  5. slp2beLA

    Louisiana Schools 2019

    anyone know what it means if i havent heard anything from LSUHSC-NO yet? probably means i've been rejected but was wondering if anyone had any idea

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