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  1. Most of these groups are closed, and are used for people to find roommates in the cohort and get to know each other. Since the groups are closed, it doesn't "drag your entire past and family" into your professional world. Just a simple, optional tool that allows people to connect with others.
  2. There is a group for Appalachian State! App State SLP Grad School Class of 2021.
  3. It's crazy how expensive it is. I'm hoping it is all worth it in the end!
  4. Hi! I figured I’d jump on this bandwagon. I’m from North Carolina and am in school in an undergraduate CSD program also in NC. I’m applying to Appalachian State, UNCG, and UNC Chapel Hill. My biggest concern is my GRE scores. My GPA is strong (3.95) but my GRE scores are right at the 300 mark with a 4 in writing. I know my GRE scores aren’t competitive and I’m worried it will weed me out. However, I have TONS of experience in working with children (10 years) and have worked throughout my whole college career so I hope this makes me stand out. I am also on our NSSLHA exec board and have been thoroughly involved with that. I am also worried about funding if I do end up getting into a program. I could only (barely) afford to apply to three schools so if I don’t get an assistantship or some sort of scholarship, I’m screwed. Anyone else have this concern?
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