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  1. If this is at all comforting, I used to work for a government agency and have numerous friends in the health sector (namely, doctors and researchers). I’m hearing a return to normal around June or July at latest according to their current projections. These projections are intentionally exaggerated for the sake of assuming a worse case scenario. I THINK we will be fine in terms of courses (though knock on all the wood), but I am more than slightly concerned about moving and housing at this point.
  2. I have also not heard from UNC! I’m also just waiting for that rejection but I’ve had no portal updates and no email lol.
  3. Hi! Just made an account to ask about the SMU visit in March. I got asked to attend and am curious what this event normally entails. I’m used to interview settings but the email seemed to indicate this was not really an interview event, so everything is just slightly foreign to me in terms of what to expect. Just seeing if anyone has any clue what these visits normally look like, even outside SMU.
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