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  1. That's the right assumption as you're generally going against the flow of traffic, at least until you get closer to Riverside. Where you live is probably pretty dependent on where your partner ends up working because a drive from the eastern side of the city to West LA can take an hour and a half each way. There really isn't an ideal place in between the two cities, unfortunately. One or both of you will end up doing a lot of driving. My best recommendation would probably be to find something near a Metro line and commute via taking the Metro to the Metrolink Riverside Line. At least that way your commute time can be more productive. Most people in LA tend to forget about our public transit infrastructure if they don't live very close to it. Good luck and feel free to PM me with any questions. I've lived in the LA area my entire life (until grad school starts in August!)
  2. This topic has been brought up in the "Campus Visits" thread, but are any of you on the waitlist at UVA considering going to Charlottesville during their campus visit? I don't know if I could even afford to go (coming from California) or when it specfically is yet (@WildeThing , maybe you could update us on this?), but I feel like it may be worth emailing the DGS and asking about it. I received one offer of admission elsewhere and think I would choose UVA over it, but if I somehow get off the waitlist on, say, April 14, I don't know if I could move somewhere for the next 5-6 years on a good feeling.
  3. Wow, this gives me some hope about (maybe, just slightly possibly) getting off the UVA waitlist. It seems extraordinarily large this year (9 of us posted about it, I think?) so there may be some course-correcting happening. I may throw my hat into that PM ring soon too! Thank you!
  4. Hi there! First time posting, but I'll be UT Austin next weekend visiting. Still wondering about what hotel we will be at and when we will know with whom we are bunking for the two nights. Looking forward to it!
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