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  1. Hopefully it'll be sooner for you! But to be honest, you're in a really good place. Most everyone was accepted that got the survey. I know of one person that was waitlisted, but was eventually accepted. Good Luck!
  2. That's not true. It took over a week for us to receive our decisions last year.
  3. Currently attending CSUN and I love it! Any specific questions I'd be happy to answer.
  4. I got into CSUN this past year with a CSD gpa of 3.45. My undergrad gpa was like 3.0001. It can be done!
  5. Hi! I did, repeated it and got an A. Explained the situation in my SOP and got into grad school on my first round of applying. My first choice school no less! You can totally do it!
  6. Both CSUN and Tennessee State accept the MAT. I used that instead of the GRE.
  7. I did! I made a new section and titled it “SLP Shadowing.” I then just listen where I did it at, for example school- school district and type of therapy I observed (deaf/ hard of hearing, etc).
  8. Hi there, I was recently admitted to cohort 20 and submitted 4 letters of intent. They ask for 3, but I felt 4 was appropriate because my GPA was not stellar (they specifically state 3.5 is competitive, mine was 3.45). Two of my came from supervisors (I too currently work as a SLPA), one from a Vice Principal and the other from the director of special education. I think if you did something similar, it would be fine. Another idea could be to reach out to undergrad professors and thoroughly explain your situation. Attach a current resume and a link to the CSUN website. Remind them what you enjoyed about their class and your grade. Good Luck!
  9. I agree with using your boss, or maybe a professor from your undergraduate work?
  10. I’m average too. 3.45 gpa California resident, graduated from another CSU 385 MAT I did 4 LOR, mostly because I was so average. 1 from my direct supervisor (director of special ed at my school district), 1 from my vice principal at the school I’m placed at, 1 from a professor at my undergrad who is also department chair, and 1 from a professor where I did my prerequisites. Currently a SLPA, previously an elementary teacher.
  11. Yay!!! Congrats to all of us! I definitely cried.
  12. You guys!!!! I got my acceptance!!!!
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