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  1. I'm at CSUN! I'm really glad I choose it, too!
  2. Some professors will still give you a Lor if you send them your resume and a brief overview of how you did in their class. I'd ask all your professors what their policy about lors are.
  3. Find a way of making the negatives positive. Struggles with grades=never gave up through adversity. Gap year or 5= experience in the work force. Find the positive, then it's not explaining, it's casting yourself in a good light!
  4. I only had professional lors and I was accepted. I talked to the program contact, showed it in my resume, and worked the explainations into my statement. I am an SLPA as well, and couldn't attend full time grad school when I finished my bachelor's because of my family situation. My professors didn't recognise me after 6 years
  5. I didn't have an academic Lor with the last school I applied to and I got in to CSUN
  6. Yeah I got accepted to Emerson and CSUN. I am hoping I don't have any prerequisites to take for CSUN, as that is who I'm going with.
  7. Awesome, congrats! Never give up! Never say die!
  8. Who is an SLPA and going to grad school? I can't keep up now, I'm worried I'm going to struggle this spring. Granted, I'm writing progress reports, so I'm feeling quite overwhelmed right now...
  9. Is it standard to require someone to retake their prerequisite courses after 5 years?
  10. I have to do part time because I need to work full-time. So no matter what I do I'm going to have to pick the longer program.
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