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  1. I loved it! Just like you, I thought the professors were super present when talking to them. I'm pretty set on Columbia, but I am just super worried about the cost. Did you receive any scholarships at all? Do you have a concrete plan on how to fund your studies (if you don't mind me asking)?
  2. Hey everyone! So I went to TC's open house yesterday and just wanted to hear from other people who attended. What did you guys think? Hated it? Loved it? Are you going to attend?
  3. I'm going at noon for the free food!!!
  4. So UW (MedSLP) has been my dream school along with MGH. I got accepted to MGH, however, got waitlisted for UW. I really thought my heart was set for MGH but once I received the decision from UW I realized how much I actually wanted to go to UW!! I've consulted with friends who currently go to UW and they told me to go to the open house as they might take note of my attendance despite only getting waitlisted. It's a pretty cheap plane ticket to go, but I don't know if it's going to be worth it. My grad student friends told me that they've had a good amount of people in their cohort who were once waitlisted, so it might be worth taking the shot. But I'm so undecided! What do you folks think is the right course of action!? Please share your thoughts!! And if there are other people waitlisted for UW, please share what you are planning to do!
  5. I just got my call today at 1PM PST! Seems like multiple faculty members are calling the students. Faculty that called me is someone I’ve admired in the field for a while now and I even mentioned her in my personal statement, so it was so exhilarating to have her call me! Good luck to everyone and congratulations to those who got in too!
  6. So I just took the GRE last week and my GRE scores shook me to my core. My verbal was pretty okay, I got a 155, however my quantitative is a whopping 136. That's right folks. You heard it right. One three six. I have no idea what went wrong. On my practice test on Magoosh, I got a 145, at least. So imagine my surprise reading that off the screen after 5 long hours of testing! Right now, I am still waiting on my writing score. I was set on not retaking the GRE as I will not have time for another test for the rest of the year, however, this is really making me nervous. I do think and have been told that I am a competitive candidate (lots of research and volunteer experience, 3.9 major GPA, NSSLHA president, presented at ASHA, etc.), but now I am having my doubts. I would love your input on my scores and whether I should try and squeeze a retest in sometime this year. It's just that with work, school, and all of my other commitments, it will be difficult to find time to buckle down and study. I really don't know what to do! Any advice regarding this matter would be very, very, VERY much appreciated!
  7. Hi guys! So I too my statistics class at a community college and because I dislike math and did not care as much during my early years of college, I got a final grade of C on it. I was wondering if it's possible to retake it in my Cal State, do better this time around, and have grad schools look at the 2nd stats grade rather than the first one. If I do this, is it even worth it? Would they even look at my stats grade in the first place? I know it's an ASHA requirement, which is why it's worrying me. I have straight A's in my COMD classes and I would hate for this to be the determining factor of me getting into grad school or not. Any help would be really, really appreciated! Thanks!
  8. Look into being a hearing aid dispenser!
  9. Help a girl out here, y'all. I've been set on taking a gap year before applying for grad school. Most of my classmates are applying this Fall and during this whole summer I've been watching them freak out over their apps, GREs, etc. and I'm just here not worrying about it since I'm planning to apply next Fall. I just feel like I am not ready for grad school yet, feel like I haven't done enough to boost my apps or get to know my professors enough, you know? But now, I'm really having second thoughts. I'm super conflicted. I feel like I might miss my chance if I don't apply now. Plus all the other issues like, who am I gonna ask for my letter of recs in a year when I'm not attending school anymore and all that stuff. I freaking doubt you can recycle LoRs (or can you? ) If anyone here is on the same boat, feel free to reply and freak out with me. If anyone here has taken a gap year and got into grad school anyway, please take me as your young Padawan and school me of your ways. If anyone here is totally against a gap year, please enlighten me as to why.
  10. Hey guys! So I've been volunteering in several places for a while now and I'm having some kind of idea as to what demographic I want to work with, which is mainly the older population. Although of course, I'd like to work in a setting where I can work with both kids and adults. I've volunteered in places where I mainly had to work with kids and I find it really hard to find places that will give me exposure to adults. Right now I'm volunteering at a communication recovery group for people with aphasia and other neurological disorders and also at a non-profit center for people who have TBI. Do any of you guys know facilities or rehab centers that will give me more experience with adults? Anywhere in the Orange/Los Angeles County would be great. Thank you so much!
  11. Thanks for the info! I see that you got accepted to CSUF and UW MedSLP!! That's amazing, especially UW!
  12. Hey all! I am a junior at CSU Fullerton and I'm just wondering when is the perfect time to ask for Letters of Rec? I am planning to apply for Fall 2018 (my estimated graduation date is Spring '18) and I already have 2 professors in mind to ask but I just don't know when and how to go about it. Do I ask this ongoing Spring semester? Do I ask in the upcoming Fall semester? It seems to be something that no one really talks about or explains clearly, so I'm a bit confused. Any advice or tips will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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