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  1. I ended up not emailing. I talked to one of the postdocs at my current lab, and she said that she thinks it really doesn't matter as most interviewers end up submitting their evaluations that same day or the day after. It's a nice gesture though if you end up sending any. On a side note, did you hear anything from Albert Einstein?
  2. Those who had on-campus interviews already, did you guys follow up with a thank you email? If so, who did you send the email(s) to? The director of the admissions and/or the individual interviewers? Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Congratulations! Wish you all the best for your upcoming interview(s). I hope I get an interview from Einstein. Definitely want to stay in the NYC area since my wife just started her law school here
  4. Amazing! Thanks for sharing Did Einstein neuroscience send put some interview invites? I didn't see anything.
  5. What Einstein program did you apply for? I applied for neurosciences and I haven't heard anything
  6. Has anyone heard from the Albert Einstein neuroscience program? I saw a couple of postings on the results page, but they just mention Biomedical Sciences.
  7. Did anyone hear from Albert Einstein neuroscience program? Also, do you guys think Cornell NB&B and Weill Cornell neuroscience are done sending invites?
  8. Congratulations! Wish you all the best! Ithaca is amazing (I grew up there) and I hope you like it
  9. Did the email come from a POI or a generic email from the administrative assistant? I was in touch with one of the members of the admissions committee, and I thought I would hear back positively. Haven't heard anything
  10. You mean statement of purpose/personal statement? I received very good comments from users here. You may try posting a thread and see if some of the users are free to review your essay. You haven't got much time though. A lot of the schools have Dec 1st deadline!
  11. My feeling, and I am no expert at this, is that you should perhaps try to get an year of experience under your belt before you apply? It is hard to think that since you have taken two years off already, but given the caliber of the schools you are aiming for, your research experience seems low to me. Like how about a full-time research tech job? But then on the other hand, admissions seems to be more about fit, so if you feel like you are a good for, then of course no need. Just something to think about
  12. Looks great, in my opinion! I feel like you could maybe add a little more about your research background. And maybe a little more about why those particular PIs; a little more than saying their work fits your goals. Take my comment with a grain of salt, I am no expert at this; I just finished writing my mine.
  13. Not sure if I am qualified to comment on your profile as I am also a current applicant with similar stats/experience as yours. I would perhaps add one or two safety schools. Like maybe Penn State or Case Western? But of course it's all about whether they have faculty with similar interests as you or not
  14. Hello, Wondering if anybody would be interested in reading my statement of purpose and giving me some feedback! Thanks so much
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