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  1. What kind of funding did you get, if you dont mind me asking? Also, do you know if anyone else has received anything yet?
  2. I have emailed schools about when I would hear back from them, and I have been accepted to those schools. So, I don't think it really affects it.
  3. Has anyone actually received any funding info? They keep saying end of the week any time anytime I email them.
  4. @charlottearoora Congrats on both schools! Sorry that this is off topic, but when did you hear about funding from Penn State? I'm still waiting to hear about that, and that's a big influence on me making a decision. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone! I don't know if this questions been asked already, but if I accept my decision to one school, can I change my decision after the April 15th deadline? I'm waiting to hear about scholarships and funding from another school and they said they might not get back to us until after April 15th.
  6. I saw some people get waitlists on the results page.
  7. @SpeechGal1234 Hey! Do I have to do my CFY in MA? Do you how credentials transfer over for other states?
  8. Congrats! Is this for the fall start?
  9. They seem to send out decisions really late like last day of March/April late. Btw did you hear back from Kean yet? I'm anxiously waiting, and I've only saw decisions for the summer on the results page. Thanks!
  10. Yup I got a call yesterday, and an email today!
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