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  1. I researched all Nu schools and had the results. Kean May be on the cheaper side for undergrad but it was definitely one of the most expensive in nj for a public school
  2. Does the program make Facebook groups or do the accepted students do it on their own?? Looking for the William Paterson Facebook group.
  3. As the deadline for commitment comes up I’m really stuck between Montclair and William Paterson, anyone have any opinions on either programs or know anything about them?? I can’t say their open houses were a lot of help for me to make this decision.
  4. Just checked my portal, got waitlisted as well
  5. After getting accepted into a couple schools what my decision is really gonna come down to is money. I was really hoping for a graduate assistantship but it seems I won’t know until months after I have to commit to a program. It sucks because I’m not sure which programs I have more of a chance of getting an assistantship. Does anyone have experience with having to wait for assistantships or do you usually get them before April 15, especially for nj schools.
  6. Sorry I was responding to the Kean interview post! No interview for stockton
  7. It’s for Stockton university in nj! Sorry to hear
  8. Nothing here either, they did say they are one of the later ones since they have to go through the interview process too
  9. No sadly I didnt! I had an interview so there was some contact but I haven’t heard a thing from Stockton.
  10. Anyone hear anything from Stockton? They’re pretty much the last nj school that I haven’t heard anything at all from
  11. I got an email for an interview for my Fall application today, I submitted my app about a few days before the deadline.
  12. Has anyone gotten any other NJ results back?? I got a William Paterson acceptance today and I'm very surprised how early acceptances went out.
  13. I just got the email I got through the initial review today and I should be notified about a decision by April 20... so far away
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