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  1. I accepted the offer from BC. It is a better fit in the long run anyway. Where are you headed?
  2. Finally got the rejection from Notre Dame via website notification. No email.
  3. I did not receive a call. Maybe means I got waitlisted? I don't think I interviewed well. Honestly I probably didn't put as much into it as I could have. I'm in at BC with full funding. But congratulations! One of my professors at LMU is an alumni of Marquette. He says they treated him very well!
  4. I have not heard anything from UChicago yet (the only one from your list that I applied to)
  5. In my Skype interview for a PhD program I forgot the technical lingo for "the Trinity revealed in history" (i.e. the "economic" Trinity) for a good 30 seconds. They had to give it to me... I want to specialize in trinitarian theology...
  6. Rrrrahner

    Plan B?

    Wishing you the best!!
  7. Rrrrahner

    Plan B?

    Though I know now that I won't have to opt for my Plan B (*still holding my breath because I fear this euphoric bubble I've been in for the past two weeks might pop and I will find out my acceptance was a mistake*) I was also looking into teaching at a private high school. Since this is my third foray into PhD application season and I have had to take multiple "plan B's" (BA in Philosophy rather than Theology...MA in English rather than Philosophy...MA in Theological Studies...ministry...teaching...) I was prepared for the inevitable mental/emotional/spiritual renegotiation. But, for those of you facing it as a reality maybe for the first time...maybe not...just know that, at least in my experience, detours happen and I have always been better for the experience gathered while on them. And at the risk of leaving a cliche in this hallowed space, "way leads onto way" and I have never regretted taking Plan B.
  8. @drivingthoughts I had an interview with Marquette today as well. I did not expect a 10 person panel. I interviewed at BC as well and it was much less intense.
  9. @_PATRISTICS_ Hi! I'm new to the forum, but I thought I'd contribute to the conversation since I've been following the feed for the past month or so. I was accepted into the Systematics program at BC.
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