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  1. Was anyone or know someone who was offered by Baylor for the Church History/Historical Studies program?
  2. Does anyone know if Baylor Church history sent out decisions yet? PM me plz.
  3. Yeah. I know a few people that in the program and that's what I've been told. I applied to the Historical Studies/Church History subfield.
  4. I got mine on Jan 21st as well. I saw on the results that some people got a notification in the first few days of Feb. Wonder what that could mean...
  5. Officially rejected today. Sad but at least there's no more waiting haha.
  6. same here still waiting. expecting something today....as always haha
  7. no communication except than with a friend in the program
  8. Good luck to everyone still waiting. including myself.
  9. I was waitlisted at Baylor for the Religion Department (concentration in Church History). I was wondering if anyone had any experience or knowledge or nugget of wisdom about Baylor and the chances of receiving an offer off the waitlist. Thanks so much.
  10. Did anyone here on GradCafe receive an offer from Baylor for Church History?
  11. i received a similar message. I was emailed last night that they got my transcripts from themselves as I did my MDiv at Truett Seminary at Baylor and I'm on the waitlist now. So you're not alone.
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