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  1. There’s an ethics waitlist on the results page. Most likely, all acceptances have been contacted.
  2. I was told in my interview that it would probably be at least 10 days from then (Fri. the 8th) before they send acceptances. So probably nothing till at least next Monday, at least for theological studies.
  3. Just because a program has made an offer does not mean that the offer has been accepted. Programs are under no obligation to inform students of decisions until April 15, just as students are under no obligation to accept or reject an offer until April 15. Yes, the waiting is hard. Like I said, this is the fourth time in five years that I’ve played this game. I’m intimately acquainted with the anxiety of application season. But it’s also just part of it. There’s not a lack of dignity in getting an e-mail over a paper rejection (and, honestly, it’s preferred considering how quickly we’re sending our planet to its death). There’s not a lack of dignity in programs waiting until the explicitly stated deadline to send official notifications of rejection. As far as financial concerns go, that’s very real. But did you try to get any of your fees waived? I was able to get 4 out of 6 of mine waived based on demonstrated financial need. There are ways around that as well. All I’m saying is that this is all part of it and very little of it is actually stripping anyone of their dignity. And, honestly, it’s going to be part of it moving forward if a life in academia is what you’re after. The job market is even more brutal than this and there’s a very real lack of dignity in contingent faculty jobs. I get that emotions are high. I’ve been rejected around 21 times at this point, not taking into account the rejections I already got this round. So really, I get it.
  4. Hey all. I wanted to echo what a few other folks have said because the tone is shifting overall towards this weird quasi-entitled bitterness that I don't think is super healthy. This is my fourth round of applications and I'd be one of those candidates that you'd probably consider spotless. I have two master's degrees, a M.Div from a small div school and a MA from a well-respected research university. I have excellent GRE scores (98th percentile verbal, 99th written). I have publications under my belt and AAR presentations. I have strong letters of recommendation and a good writing sample. I have four research languages. I've been interviewed every year I've applied, including this year (Emory this last weekend, so I'm still in the anxiously waiting to find out stage). But for whatever reason, I've never been the one admitted. That's not because of my ability or my materials or whatever. There's so many factors that go into a PhD acceptance beyond the application materials. Your specific project may not fit with what they're looking for this time. It may be a certain faculty member's turn to get a student whose research and expertise doesn't fit with what you're doing. They may have an internal candidate who they really want. It's important to remember that the application materials are the first step in an insanely nuanced and competitive journey, and getting bitter with admissions committees really is a pretty fruitless endeavor. In my experience, they really are trying to find the best fit for their particular strengths as a program. EDIT: Also important to remember is that your specific discipline is also just step one in the acceptance process, too. Often the larger department and then the graduate school itself also has a say in acceptances based on a variety of factors.
  5. Thanks! I’m applying for theological studies. I work broadly speaking in theological anthropology. Specifically I work on embodiment and precarity, doing a liberation theology in conversation with queer theory.
  6. Also as long as I'm here: Hi, I'm Dwight. I'm doing another round of PhD apps (I think this is round 3? I lost count). Applying to Emory, Vanderbilt, UVA, BC, Marquette, and Fordham for theological studies. I have a MDiv from Beeson Divinity School and a MA from Vanderbilt. So far, I've been contacted to interview at Emory. We'll see how the rest goes.
  7. Just a heads up, I’m a recent graduate of the GDR at Vandy and they haven’t accepted a new NT PhD student in years because of so much infighting in the faculty. From what I’ve heard, they won’t be taking any NT students for a very long time.
  8. I finally got my rejection from Baylor today. I knew the two acceptances had already taken the offer at least a month ago. Took them long enough to get official word to me.
  9. Found out Friday I got accepted to the MA at Vanderbilt. Not exactly what I wanted at the beginning of the PhD application season, but at least it's a step forward instead of another year of just waiting. Good luck to all of you starting the PhD and hopefully I'll be joining you all next year.
  10. Acceptance. I switched my PhD application to MA two weeks ago, so it could be a little while before I hear back.
  11. Baylor accepted another theology interviewee off the waitlist and I know she's taking that offer. So it looks like my PhD season is officially over. Just waiting to hear back about the MA at Vanderbilt.
  12. When I talked to them to move my application to the MA they said that letters would not go out for two more weeks, but they also call to tell people of acceptances beforehand and that has obviously already started.
  13. I just applied to the MA at Vanderbilt through the GDR and it's at least 70% funded with the possibility for more.
  14. I was able to switch my PhD application at Vanderbilt to the MA through the department of religion, so hopefully that will pan out. Hopefully the MA will give me that little boost I need for next round.
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