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  1. Good point, although yes, I have been comparing them. The R1 offer is on par with the second highest offer (elite school, perhaps not the most famous program) which is in a place with low CoL. Financially, it definitely beats out other offers which have big names but fairly high costs of living. Things are close enough this shouldn't be the deciding factor, though it certainly is tempting! (And comes with some extra perks that are nice....)
  2. I have the following (great) dilemma of choosing between: 1) A highly-ranked program at a public R1 that offered me a top university fellowship (we're talking close to 40k most years + extra funds for research, travel, personal development). This school is also located in a fun, interesting city. 2) Programs at an ivy school or comparable - the funding is good, the names are top, but they can't match the actual $$/perks, and are located in places that likely aren't as enjoyable to live. Advice? How does one weigh all these factors?
  3. I am wondering how important it is to visit a uni I've been admitted to on the visiting students' day? I have been accepted at a number of universities so juggling all the schedules is proving tricky. One admitted students' date conflicts with a conference I was planning to present at (though could still withdraw from); another would be easier for my schedule-wise if I visit during my spring break. What might I be missing if I scheduled a visit at another time? A few current or recent PhDs have stressed it's important to meet potential members of your cohort; on the other hand, not all of them will necessarily be attending.
  4. Also got into Chicago Div and am pretty ecstatic! Is anyone else planning to attend the admitted students day in April?
  5. Thank you!! There wasn't any interview for Cornell, AFAIK. I know it's usually a small cohort, so I'm wondering how many people they admitted this year.
  6. Don't know about Yale (I applied to Religion there and am expecting it's a no), though I will somewhat abashedly admit I was the Cornell accept!
  7. @Umairrasheed it was an email from Sue Douglas, the graduate coordinator/administrator. She said only 5% of applicants were offered admission.
  8. Hey peeps, found I'm on the waitlist for Michigan's Anthro-History. Anyone else applied there?
  9. @nickxk It was from Michael Cook, the DGS, for PhD students, and from Haykel for MA students, I heard. Anyone else waiting to hear on Cornell/have any updates from them?
  10. @samaasl Good luck to both of us! Should we devise a secret handshake or something to recognize one another??
  11. Hey peeps, I got my Princeton short list email tonight. Yay/terror!
  12. Do folks know if Chicago Div usually does interviews (phone, Skype, in person)?
  13. @sad_diamond Interesting, that's helpful! Did they speak to you/quiz you on your languages at all?
  14. @nickxk, I do do Hebrew/Jewish studies, though I was not the person who posted a few days ago! I haven't added any results yet, but just peeked into this forum a few days after a friend mentioned it to me. I've heard good things overall about Ann Arbor, though I admit the weather scares me. If it came down to a choice between Austin/Ann Arbor, it may be a tough one!
  15. @nickxk, any insight would be great! I applied to 5 NELC/MES PhDs and a number of other departments in different fields. I did find out this week that I'd been accepted to UT Austin, which I'm very excited about, though still waiting to hear about funding decisions.... I hear excellent things about UT, but gather they don't have as many $$$ to throw around as some places. (If other folx know about that, they should weigh in!)
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