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Visiting during admitted students' weekend or another time

Atlas Obscura

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I am wondering how important it is to visit a uni I've been admitted to on the visiting students' day? I have been accepted at a number of universities so juggling all the schedules is proving tricky. One admitted students' date conflicts with a conference I was planning to present at (though could still withdraw from); another would be easier for my schedule-wise if I visit during my spring break.

What might I be missing if I scheduled a visit at another time? A few current or recent PhDs have stressed it's important to meet potential members of your cohort; on the other hand, not all of them will necessarily be attending.



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If you are interested in getting the most you can from the experience of visiting, I would say visit during admitted student day. It is nice to be able to meet other potential incoming students, but more importantly there is a schedule of events. You will get to hear from current students, faculty, and staff during the day in a way that they likely won't have the time or space for if you visit on your own. Going on your own, you would still be able to see the city, walk around the campus,and meet with some students and faculty, but you will have to arrange times and work with the schedules of busy faculty, staff, and students. If you aren't able to go, you can certainly arrange your own visit but it will be more effort and possibly less benefit. 

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They're not required.  The visits are mostly there to help you understand the program more so you can decide on which school is best for you.  If you're not interested in the school, don't bother.  But, you can learn a fuck tonne of things about a school in person that you won't learn on paper.  Many people can attest to changing their mind about their "dream" school after visiting.

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