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  1. The rep from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School told me their ThM offers funding.
  2. Right. I applied for the PhD. The grad director told me, essentially, that the committee felt my MDiv preparation was not sufficient, and that the ThM would serve as a bridge to their PhD program. Barring something else, that sounds like it's going to be the plan. Still waiting on official word from others though.
  3. No, no word on funding. TEDS told me they do offer up to 50% funding for the degree. I also have a little GI Bill money left, so it might not be too expensive.
  4. Thank you again for your responses guys. I appreciate it.
  5. Hey thanks. I just looked and their application cycle isn't complete until April 15. Do you know how long it takes for them to make an admissions decision. Essentially, is it too late this year to expect a reply by March or April (I read they have "rolling admissions"). Thanks.
  6. Hey thanks for the responses guys. I would add that I do seek a Theological/Seminary setting, per one of the responses.
  7. So I would really appreciate some comments and advice, if you guys don't mind. I applied to PhD programs in NT this year. I will graduate with my MDiv this spring, so I just have an undergraduate and MDiv. I have been rejected at SMU, waitlisted at Baylor, and have yet to hear anything from others except TEDS. The grad director called me and advised me that the committee felt I needed more preparation. Therefore, TEDS offered me a spot in the ThM program, which would lead to the PhD. I know that most will have more than one grad degree so I am thinking getting the ThM would be a good move, especially for future applications. Any advice on the ThM? Good move? Better prep? Stronger applicant next time round? Etc?
  8. Denied at SMU. Even though it was not my first choice, it still bummed me out.
  9. Hey buddy. The preview weekend is, according to the email I received from Baylor, the second weekend in Feb.
  10. Hey good to see a fellow NT applicant. Congrats on getting the interview at Baylor. Good luck!!! (I also applied to Emory, Baylor, SMU)
  11. Hey thanks Maccabeus. Best of luck in your endeavors as well!
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