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  1. Hi, Berkeley posted this a few days ago, so it looks like its not 100% decided yet what the fall will look like: As announced in a message to campus, UC Berkeley is in the midst of planning for multiple scenarios for the fall semester. This section will be updated as this work evolves over the coming days and weeks. A single principle guides all of this work: to protect the health of our community. Because we don’t know what the spread of COVID-19 will look like over the course of the next few months, each committee below has been asked to develop plans for each of the fo
  2. I have to turn down a really generous offer. I feel bad about it. Have never done this before. Any tips? Thankyou
  3. Haha. That’s my go-to idea, but they sent out rejections three weeks in a row and I didn’t get one, so I was hanging on to hope. Oh well
  4. If a school has yet to notify you and has notified others, can you assume you’re on a waitlist? I’m sick of emailing them and of not knowing what’s going on.
  5. hi, I'm waiting on NELC at UCLA. they have sent out rejections and acceptances but I have not heard back. Do you know if the above info applies across the board?
  6. if anyone knows what's going on at ucla Nelc can you message me? have not heard back
  7. can anyone who knows what's going on at ucla Nelc please message me
  8. The biggest hurt for me is the possibility of not having commencement. I come from a marginalized community and made it into a top-tier program at a school that many dream of. Since day one I daydreamed of my parents coming to see me cross the finish line at this prestigious dream school. I just wanted them to see me do that. I know its dumb, but I work hard in large part to make them feel proud of me because I love them and want to succeed beyond what is normal in our community. I have been agonizing about this being cancelled. I hope this whole thing just gets under control soon. Thank
  9. That is super stressful. I would call on the telephone!
  10. Did anyone go to Michigan visit day ?
  11. Does anyone know the typical funding package for Berkeley NES (stipend?) thanks in advance
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