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  1. No doctoral acceptances yet, only an interview at Cambridge coming up next week and a couple M* acceptances. The doctoral programs to which I've applied include Oxford, Cambridge, Rice, and UT Austin. I'm not sure if these allow deferrals.
  2. I am a semi-finalist for a research Fulbright in Germany and am interested to know if anyone thinks it would be worth accepting in lieu of a funded Ph.D. offer.
  3. Does anyone know if Germany typically conducts interviews for research applicants? I’m a semi-finalist for Munich. Congrats to those who have received good news and best wishes to the rest on other future endeavors!
  4. Semi-finalist: research: Germany
  5. Thanks for the helpful comments. @xypathos, Union is not the school. I contacted the school, and they extended my decision deadline but not the scholarship deadline, which obviously does not help me much. @marXian, I was not aware of that resolution, but the school is, in fact, on the list. The program is in a div school, so I'm not sure if that nullifies the agreement, but I personally do not see why it would. I will follow up with them and ask about the April 15 deadline.
  6. Hi all, I was recently accepted to an M* program high on my list and offered a decent scholarship. The school notified me that my scholarship offer expires in a few weeks. I won’t hear back from most of the other M* and PhD programs to which I applied for awhile. Does anybody know of the potential risks of accepting the offer but then decommiting and accepting another offer later? Is this taboo? Commonplace? Thanks.
  7. @sacklunch, thanks for your note. I tried to message you, but it says you are unable to receive messages. If you wouldn't mind, perhaps you could try to message me.
  8. @xypathos, thanks for your response and feedback. I have thought about VDS, but I get the sense that NT studies - and even 2TJ studies - is not their focus going forward. The other program to which I'm thinking about applying but am currently "on the fence" about is Chicago Div.
  9. Hi all, I am applying to grad programs in Second Temple Judaism and Christian origins, and I'm interested to know what you think my chances are of getting accepted. Master's programs to which I'm applying: MTS @ HDS, ND, Duke Div MA(TS) @ Princeton Sem MA in Early Christian Studies @ ND MAR in Second Temple Judaism @ YDS MA @ Toronto Education BA in Theology, minor in Classics (4.0) MA in Biblical Languages (4.0) [May 2018]* --- both from same evangelical university Languages Greek [classical &
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