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  1. Probably will not be in American Studies , will most likely be in Communcation.
  2. 1. Dean or Provost 2. College Professor 3. Pro Wrestler 4. Consultant
  3. No problem I was sent an nice email probably as a result of me taking the gre but I was like this is a nice program. I would have definitely applied if I had known about it a few years ago when I was living on the east coast.
  4. UMass Boston has an excellent masters program in American studies and it's funded . I think you can still apply.
  5. well as of right now, it seems communication is where I will be. I am a natural fit for the media /cultural studies section of communication as it aligns with my sociology and critical human geography background. Unless something huge happens I can safely assume I will be in communication. I still plan to participate intellectually in the discipline I just guess I will be outside of it as far as home department and that's ok. I am used to being spread out far intellectually. Some of the best professors I have interacted with have an intellectual range that is out of this world and I am modeling my scholarship after them. I have an affinity for reading across boundaries and liking everything so I am just going to organically embrace that aspect of my personality. And yes, it has been. I am very curious to who got in though and wonder if it was topic or methodology that caused many of us issues with getting into programs we though we had fit with.So this coming year ASA is going to be very, very interesting.
  6. Same but after a campus visit with communications, many faculty when I told them of my predicament urged me regardless of where I went not to go into the field of Amst studies. They alluded to hireabilty and future trajectory of many disciplines and faculty lines. Maybe they only wanted the most outstanding or most closely aligned students as it might be bumpy with jobs in the future. I might ask a mentor who has more insider knowledge about it down the line.
  7. Well thats good. I am ready to get stuff done in March. Feb has been such a stressful month I am ready for it to be in my rear view. I wish everyone success in March!!! Lets march our way to success over the next 31 days!!
  8. So you broke down and contacted them? Someone else did the dirty work for me for two of the four programs I am waiting for. One I am to scared to email and the other one I just don't have the energy to do it before I visit schools.
  9. When you waiting for your last few schools to make decisions 



  10. thanks for thr information. good to know it's coming sooner than later.
  11. Good luck with that. It might be a delayed response. I am going to send them a nice email thanking them for the offer but declining.
  12. Based on prior years its late Feb and early to mid march. They also tend to call folks. I wonder if we could bribe someone to call them and ask lol.
  13. Pretty much. I started out the season on a good note only to be get demolished in the life have as it seems I am a good candidate for one field while not a good one for another. Just keep hope and try to do what you need to do be productive. Feb was quite hard for me to focus at work and focus on my part time classes. I am glad I only have a few more schools left to hear from.
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