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  1. I'm looking at queerness/informal economies/urban planning -- specifically at labor organizing. How about you?
  2. Not sure, but don't think so. UCLA has already sent out all their acceptances last week
  3. @ventiicedamericano yep i'll be there @apps20mesh i read they don't do interviews. but I've heard they met a few weeks ago to narrow down the applicant pool already.
  4. will you be heading to the admit day at USC next week? I am assuming the same for UCLA, although so far only seeing a waitlist so... i'm holding out hope... (I've been wavering between feeling dejected and hopeful this weekend, lol, since UCLA is my top choice!)
  5. congrats to you both! @allig8r @in_cog_nito!
  6. I applied to 5 UP Phd programs -- USC, UBC, UCLA, UPenn, and MIT. Awaiting info from UCLA and getting really nervous! Has anyone heard from them at all? I've only seen one waitlist and someone had posted that all admissions have been notified... maybe i should just assume it's a rejection? Ahh! Hope everyone hears some positive news in the coming weeks.
  7. Update: Accepted: USC ($$$$) Waitlisted: CUNY (geography) Rejected: UCB (geography) -- not surprised. I did poorly on the interview. Pending: UCLA, UPenn, MIT (HCED), UBC Wondering who the geography admits are to UCB and CUNY? Hope everyone hears some positive news in the coming weeks!
  8. Update: Accepted: USC ($$$$) Waitlisted: CUNY (geography) Rejected: UCB (geography) -- not surprised. I did poorly on the interview 😩 Pending: UCLA, UPenn, MIT (HCED), UBC
  9. Oh cool -- I'm also really interested in collaborating with him. Had a follow up question re: interview, did you do this in person or over video/phone?
  10. Age/Gender/Citizenship: 26, woman, USA Undergraduate degree/School/Year graduated: anthropology, flagship state school, 2015; masters in urban planning from highly ranked international school, 2017 GPA - GRE - TOEFL (for Int'l students): UG 3.74, G 4.0/Q 165 V 166 W 4.5 Work Experience: currently at national housing nonprofit Letter of recommendations: (from whom) mix of master's professors, work supervisor, and social design firm principal Schools applied to -- all doctoral programs: UP: UCLA, UPenn, MIT (Comm Dev), USC, UBC (maybe) Geography: CUNY, UC Berkeley
  11. Really helpful advice on the interviews, thank you! Out of curiosity, which Berkeley faculty were you interested in working with? re: rental market.... hoping for a decent funding package, but yes, that will definitely be a big deciding factor for me...
  12. Thank you @SpaceMaker. I'm quite nervous and not sure how to prepare. @SpaceMaker @ngl I am regretting a little not applying to Canadian schools -- but as you mentioned, it seems difficult to get in as American + also receive funding... I was particularly interested in UofT and York for their critical lens.
  13. I am interested in human geography and urban planning, had a difficult time choosing b/t the programs for PhD. In the end, I applied to: UP: MIT UCLA UPenn USC UBC Geography: CUNY Berkeley I just heard back from Berkeley that I advanced to the next round and will be having an interview next week! Fingers crossed that the interview goes well and something positive happens.
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