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  1. Dbear is right-- in fact, one of my friends went 0/7 and the next year 9/10. It sucks to do it all over again but if it's what you want, it will be worth it.
  2. My husband just got off the Iowa waitlist and immediately accepted the offer! Wahoooooo!!!
  3. Yeah, it really bugs me-- my husband got rejected and a friend of mine got in, so I guess technically I'm on the waitlist but it'd be nice to hear something. Anything.
  4. I still haven't heard ANYTHING from Denver. I even emailed one of the faculty members to be like "hey I think ur cool" and nothing. The DGS was nice to me but that was like, October.
  5. Oh yeah! Hi! ? He's still waiting to hear from Iowa, but if he doesn't make it off the waitlist then he'll move with me and reapply next year-- the umn rhetoric staff like him a lot.
  6. Howdy folks, just popping in to say I officially committed to UMN yesterday. I'm super STOKED. Wahoo!
  7. A friend of mine got into U Maryland for health comm in early Feb but that's all I've seen.
  8. Communication studies PhD. I also applied, as did two other folks from our program. Of the four of us, 2 have been rejected and 2 haven't heard anything. Also: was accepted to Bowling a Green State for American Culture Studies but waitlisted for funding. Wahhhh!
  9. Received an admittance without funding from BGSU.
  10. Kinda depended on where we applied. Denver doesn't really do tracks anymore, Minnesota he did critical media while I did rhetoric, and Iowa/BGSU he did comm (rhetoric for Iowa) and I did American Studies.
  11. Yep, our last hope is Bowling Green but the pattern has definitely been that one gets rejected where the other gets in hahaha
  12. Denver sent a rejection to Husband today, but nothing to me yet...?
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