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  1. Thanks guys! This is really helpful! The only experience that I'm relying on is from my undergrad institution, which is all the way on one end of the "flexibility" scale in their grad program, so 3+ years of a full class load was shocking to me.
  2. Hi guys! I wanted to pick your collective brain(s) about program structure. For reference, I'm a year & a half out of undergrad, and I don't have a master's. I've been accepted to a couple of MA/PhD programs in Communication, and in the process of weighing pros & cons before I visit, I've been reading through graduate handbooks to check out program requirements, etc. One of the programs that I'm looking at has (what I see as) extreme requirements -- specifically, they require 3 classes/semester for 7 semesters, on top of TA/RA duties (15-20 hours/week). In contrast, other program
  3. Howdy! I applied to health communication doctoral programs this year, and let me tell you -- it can be challenging to find programs that brand themselves as health comm. Case in point -- I actively started my search nine months before the deadlines, and I still found a new program the night before the application deadline (still wish I could've applied, UT Austin!). A great starting place is NCA's Doctoral Program Guide. NCA, or the National Communication Association, compiles a doctoral guide which is searchable by research specialty. It's particularly helpful because you can get a prett
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