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  1. PhD Applications Fall '17 Season

    That's a nightmare. So sorry. 😢
  2. PhD Applications Fall '17 Season

    Religion in the Americas. I got an email. It had all the documents and such, and was official. I wonder how many people they interviewed...?
  3. PhD Applications Fall '17 Season

    Hi. I have good news to share. I've been accepted to IU's program and plan to attend. I know there were at least 4-5 posts about interviews and wonder if anyone else has received acceptances and planning to attend the recruitment weekend? And, if this is not a good place to post this as people are waiting for results, and probably anxious/uncertain/stressed, understandably, I'm sorry, I'll post somewhere else! It took me 6 application cycles. I had acceptances during the 3rd (Drew and Garrett) and couldn't do it then, and then tried two more times in a different department, and somehow everything landed right this year. But, it's not an easy process, and I definitely feel that. Sending good vibes and thoughts to all of you who are waiting.
  4. PhD Applications Fall '17 Season

    Just Indiana University. Thought about Northwestern and decided not to.
  5. PhD Applications Fall '17 Season

    Thanks, not that I care about playing games or whatever but I still didn't want to seem onbnoxiously eager. If that's such a thing.
  6. PhD Applications Fall '17 Season

    I have done a couple of informal conversation with faculty at a school - I don't know if they were official interviews but they felt interview-like. I think for all intensive purposes they were interviews but who knows for sure. Either way I wasn't sure I should post them in the results. Basically, since I'm local they had me come in and chat with the chair and a potential POI because they thought my app should go through a different area rather than what's originally on my application, and they wanted to see if I was amenable to it. All this seems kind of unusual. Anyways, my question is - would it be over the top or too much to send emails to them to thank them for their time, for the conversations, etc? Or is that over kill and I should just wait it out like everyone else? I just feel a little antsy and crazy waiting...
  7. PhD Applications Fall '17 Season

  8. PhD Applications Fall '17 Season

    OMG!! So much agony.
  9. PhD Applications Fall '17 Season

    That truly sucks.
  10. PhD Applications Fall '17 Season

    That makes sense, no worries, and congratulations!
  11. PhD Applications Fall '17 Season

    Does it mean they had the interview or just was emailed to set up one? Is it still early if it was a set up?
  12. PhD Applications Fall '17 Season

    Is there a thread somewhere of people's schools? Is anyone applying to Indiana University?